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davidlomax 31 Jan 2011 16:35

Hotel/Storage Recommendations Required for Tangiers and Fez
I'm not usually a big fan of the hotel scene but I'll be over in Morocco at the start of March and would like some good recommendations for a reasonable hotel in Tangiers for a single nights stay (must include very secure accomodation for one 4wd vehicle and four bikes) and following that a Hotel in Fez with good access to the Medina and the same storage facilities. Preferably not too pricey!

Also, I'd like to leave a trailer and possibly one bike in Fez for two weeks. The bike/trailer isnt mine and must be totally secure!

Any ideas/recommendations welcome.


silver G 31 Jan 2011 20:08

If you want to venture a little south of Tangier then the AL-KHAIMA HOTEL, Hotel Asilah, Tangierel Al Khaima in Assilah has guarded parking - it's very popular with the French overlanders. Has wifi too. It isn't the cheapest hotel in town but if you want to deal with an english speaking receptionist and rely on your booking being there on arrival then it might be what you need.
It's a short walk into town along the promenade for good , cheap food by the old medina.
There is a secure parking yard in assilah too that I have used and found reliable if you want a smaller hotel in the centre of town for half the price.
All in all an easier place to stay than Tangiers

Tim Cullis 31 Jan 2011 20:29

Hotel Batha (pronounced Bat-ha) in Fez is popular, if a little shabby in places. Part of the building was once the British Consultate and the bar is named after Churchill. It's at GPS N34 03.621 W4 58.916 and is about as near as you can get to the Bab Boujouloud (N34 03.700 W4 59.045) entrance to the medina. Parking is mostly in the street with a guardian and there's normally a dozen or more 'tourist' vehicles and bikes being looked after. Bill Oates has used the hotel for his Moto Morocco tours.

It might be worth contacting them to see whether they have secure long term parking, but if they haven't someone will normally come up with something.

Google 'hotel batha fez' for info and reviews.

davidlomax 3 Feb 2011 14:59

Thanks for the suggestions guys, this hotel stuff is all new to me!

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