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russjt 22 Aug 2009 05:43

Is it possible to find casual work traveling through Asia?
I know it will be difficult to find casual work in asia but if your in tourist areas would it be possible ?
Im also a mechanic to trade so im quite handy with a spanner and welder !

pil 26 Oct 2009 02:51

Casual Work
Hi there,

I can only advise on Thailand but I would presume it would be very similar in the rest of Indochina.

The chances of finding work is virtually nil [and illegal] any type of manual work including mechanics is well covered by the locals and would be totally unacceptable, you would be run out of town. Although I have heard of how a BMW/Harley trained mechanic [with all the necessary paperwork/qualifications] found work training locals.

The only casual work that is available is teaching English, degrees are not always necessary but a TEFL or CELTA qualification is compulsory.

Some voluntary work is available in areas such as wildlife or conservation but usually only accommodation is given free, no wages.

So if you intend to come to this part of the world you do need to bring along enough funds to last the duration of your trip.



gjw1957 26 Oct 2009 03:57

I have jsut returned from 6 months in se Asia
Thailand Malaysia Indonesia and Laos
no it rally is not feasible to get casual work in Asia as a tourist. it is illegal and the police would be more than happy to take you in and make a few dollars
yes yu can probalby get a job teaching english as has been suggested, but you need to be qualified and that takes time and also money.. a course cost at least us 1,000

but s.e. asia is cheap
my advice is to enjoy your holiday and adventure and not rely on working for an income

maximondo 26 Oct 2009 05:58

It is really easy to get a working visa in Cambodia, there are a lot of jobs around when I was there last year.

twobob 27 Feb 2011 00:37

Viet-nam (Hanoi) english teaching $20 US an hour, the only prerequisite is that you come from an English speaking country
Cambodia avoid Nigerians handing out "teach English" flyers ...scam. but work is available to the inexperienced. Teachers hang out at the pubs along the main drag on the Mekong Phnom- Phen.

Mumbulz 9 Mar 2011 15:51

As someone who has taught English in Asia for the past ten years I would say that casual teaching work is possible, but would rarely prove profitable or readily available for unqualified/short term applicants. Cambodia, Vietnam etc maybe. But the people who run these schools wisened up years again to the short-term 'backpacker' EFL teacher.
As with any profession, training, qualifications and ability to stick around more than a few months are valued highly. Whichever way you look at it, teaching English in Asia has got a lot more regulated than it used to be.

Unfortunately, I reckon work as a mechanic in Asia is also hard to find for foreigners. Local mechanics are ubiquitous and, although their qualifications and familiarity with imported bikes can be limited, they sure have the can-do attitude, adaptability and work ethic that would price a western european well out of the market.

Really hope you enjoy your trip but I reckon worry about money when you get back rather than when you're on the road, I'm sorry to say.

Mumbulz 9 Mar 2011 15:58

Although, I guess if you pitch your mechanical knowledge value to any of the numerous bike tour operators in the region they may be interested in your expertise.
all the best

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