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Alex Rubtsov 13 Mar 2010 14:52

looking for a job in motorcycle tour industry
After 10 years of traveling I came to a conclusion. My previous university education cannot provide me with a job any more. Every employer wants to see my operational experience. It`s gone. But I got another one. I hope my travel experience should be useful. Now I`m looking for a job in motorcycle or 4x4 travel industry. It`s unimportant where just being in movement. In my country I have some preference, I speak russian and I know this mentality. It concern "the stans" and FSU Region also. Moreover I rode around the whole of Africa, crossed Mongolia, Middle East, Central Asia, have been in China and Tibet, everywhere with my own motorcycle only. The blank spots in my travel geography are Southern Asia, Americas and Australia. Most of my trips were made by myself without any external support. Every time it was a complete experience from planning and preparing till riding and surviving. Just cooking is not my fad :chef:
Any suggestions will be useful ?c?


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