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xfiltrate 6 Oct 2010 02:29

Frankfurt Book Fair 2010
Elisa, my woman, has asked me to advise the Hubb's travel writers and video/film makers that one of the world's largest book fairs is happening now in Frankfurt, Germany.

Argentina is the Guest of Honour of Frankfurt Book Fair 2010 and the President of Argentina is attending the opening.

Frankfurt Book Fair - Frankfurt Book Fair 2010

Elisa arrives in Frankfurt, Germany Oct 6, and will be representing an Argentine publisher, several books and a documentary video to various publishers and distribution/promotion companies. She is also selling the foreign rights to several books currently published in English.

Elisa has her PhD in Spanish Literature and is an accomplished translator.

She is volunteering her services to those of the Hubb in search of publishers/promotion and distribution companies while she is in Frankfurt.

Private message me and I will pass your request to her immediately.

Perhaps, she can make some valuable connections for you.


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