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seekeronsaltspringisland 9 Oct 2008 07:14

So what chance of getting company sponsor a road trip? would they go for signs on the rig and cards to hand out? Been planning a around oz trip for some time now and it all cames down to money. With the stockmarket falling I hate to pulll it out for the trip. Be nice to get a rig there and drive it around then sell it back. Or ship mine from here to there and back again
a new ural runs about $15,ooo canadain now shipping around $ 7,ooo so it be nice to get a deal on one there and vist the dealers on the way around.

So may get a new one next year and offer tours on it here for the summer here then ship it later in the year. Hope to offer a picnic for two and pick them up about three hours later. Locol wine and foods.

Caminando 9 Oct 2008 16:41

Let's be clear...you want a company to give you $22000 to drive around giving out cards.

Keep us informed of how you get on.

seekeronsaltspringisland 9 Oct 2008 18:29

more like gas money for the trip here it's $1.45 per Liter now

Alexlebrit 10 Oct 2008 08:17

We've discussed sponsorship before but there's no reasons not to discuss it again, but I'll just be lazy and post this link to what I wrote last time.


Like I said then, think about what they get in return, with the current economic climate it's going to be of even greater concern.

Bertrand 10 Oct 2008 09:46

You're seeing things mate! and I fear Caminando is right :innocent:
Nice idea though - do tell how it goes:mchappy:

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