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bernardo feio lightweight 29 Oct 2012 19:34

What border is recommended? Esendere/Serou or the more usual Bazargan?

We are planning to enter Iran coming from Turkey with 3 European passports in the next weeks driving motorbikes.
What border is recommended? Esendere/Serou or the more usual Bazargan?
Safely, weather, time,…

Thks in advance

dakaralex 29 Oct 2012 20:05

Hi Folks!

Entered Iran on Bazargan boarder a few weeks ago.
Watch out that the y don't stamp a 10-days Transit-stamp on your carnet by any reason!?

Serou boarder while leaving Iran was just a mess. Kids and strange people all around between both boarders. Can not really recommend one or the other.
Both work. But the weather, I would be afraid of! It was already cold weeks ago. ..:freezing:

Take care in Iran!


bernardo feio lightweight 30 Oct 2012 18:56


Thanks for your comments. Most probably we will use the Esendere/Serou border. The altitudes will be a bit lower so probably the weather will be a bit better.

The Iran embassy in Portugal told us that carnet is not necessary to cross the border. Does anyone as a different information? Either to enter Iran either to enter Turkey

Mehmet Zeki Avar 31 Oct 2012 14:40

Information for Turkey.

Portuguese citizens..
You can buy your visa stamp for yourself at any bordergate for 90 days and multiple.
price is. 20 $ or 15 € or 10£

For your bike..:

No carnet needed to enter or to exit..If your green insurance doesnt cover Turkey, possible to buy it at any border gate valid for any period.

3 Bordergates with Iran.

Gürbulak Sınır Kapısı Ağrı-Doğubeyazıt
Kapıköy Sınır Kapısı Van-Özalp İran
Esendere Sınır Kapısı Hakkâri-Yüksekova

Except Int.Gürbulak, safety is partly problem..That may be the matter of being at the wrong time at the wrong place..

Wish you all the best.

Mehmet zeki avar

bernardo feio lightweight 31 Oct 2012 15:23

"safety is partly problem..."

what do you mean?

olionel 7 Nov 2012 11:42

basically Yuksekova is where the Army vs Kurdish stuff is happening so you could get caught up in the midst of a military operation. But I don't think anyone will try and put you in danger on purpose. I'm not sure how Van Ozalp is, but I think the same applies there too where there might be terrorist roadside bombs (mainly aimed at army, police and civil service) and fire exchanges between the two. So it is a "hot" area but I very much doubt if you went there you'll be targeted, just might end up unlucky.. wrong time wrong place kind of thing.

Richard-NL 7 Nov 2012 16:42

Both Bazargan and Serou border were straight forward when I crossed, no much hassle and procedure. People are very helpful. At Bazargan there are helpers they want be paid. At Serou there where surprised that I gave them money.


brend 7 Nov 2012 18:08


old topic about the borders. i was there in 2010 and at that time essendere-serou was much better! less people and less hasslers.

roro 9 Nov 2012 08:11


The same in 2011 for us: easy to enter via Sero, a lot of mess to go out at Bazargan.


dakaralex 10 Nov 2012 21:05

For us it was the opposite. Entering in Bazargan - they wanted money to fill out carnet :nono: -

But leaving in Serou it was just a very big mess! All people without uniform and small kids with the soldiers inside their rooms. The same 10 year old kid even on both sides... :confused1:

Were happy when we left there.

About Turkish area. It's just great! The kurdish people are just amazing!!
Their hospitality is what i expected in Iran. But in Iran, we got just kicked out of the house of "Hossein the biker", who makes a lot of commercial, also here on HU to visit him in Urmia!

Watch out there! He will also try to sell you insurance for more then 100€ by scaring you the police will take your bike and you never see it again and so on ... :thumbdown:

Take care!!

hosseinthebiker 11 Nov 2012 05:55

its surley easy to cross
hi dear mtorbikers
i can say surley the esendere/serou in the best for entering iran and the area is safe we are traveling a lot to that area
because of
its easy to cross and you will not have 10days limitation for carnet
you dont have to pay money for anything
and more


and which is dakaralex wrote about me
you just should ask somebody who is traveling in iran,they will say iran is the best country in the world,iranian hospitality is the best just ask please
and dakaralex came here,i helped them we gave them food,room,take to doctor,buying medicins,taking care and help to buy insurance and its necesarry every car or motorbike should have insurance,if police ask for insurance and if you dont have it they will stop bike,i live in iran so i know better than him
we keep them 2 days and can not more

and my hospitality is not commercials everybody knows me in urmia evn i take the travelers from street to have dinner or .... with together
i cant write more about my experinces i am meeting travelers for 3 years and if i write about that the text would be longe i mean real LONG!!!!
so,i want yours to decide about me please

all the best for dear motorbikers:thumbup1:

dakaralex 14 Nov 2012 12:06

I had read suspicious and negative references about Hossein before entering Iran according that he is chaeting people while changing money. But I decided to make my own point of view and went to him.


Originally Posted by hosseinthebiker (Post 399915)
you just should ask somebody who is traveling in iran,they will say iran is the best country in the world,iranian hospitality is the best just ask please

Greatest hospitality in the world? Kicking sbdy. with 38° temperature just out without any advices and help! And all this by stupid lies!? Very great....:thumbdown:

And changing money, he also requested me to wait outside, which I denied... For what??

All in all I had very bad experience at his place. Maybe you other guys have more luck...??

hosseinthebiker 14 Nov 2012 12:34

dear dakaralex
iran have a greatest hospitality in the world for sure,you are just lieing about iranian hospitality you just ask somebody else

and what we did bad about you my friend??we did everything for you we just cant host you more do you understand this?

this is a shame you just writing about me like this,stop this please

and you just thinking negative about everything,this is your nature man

and be sure the other guys will have good luck dont worry

Rami 19 Nov 2012 16:06

We crossed from Kapiköy to Razi (between Van, Turkey and Khoy, Iran) some days ago. People told us to pass queue in Turkish side and the whole process took only one hour.
There are some road works both sides of the border and I didn´t notice any gas stations between Özalp and Khoy. Snow was quite close in the mountains, but temperature was decent ten degrees.

bernardo feio lightweight 19 Nov 2012 18:36


Just my feedback.

We used the border of Esendere/Serou and the worst was the cold weather and the snow!

Accordingly to our experience the carnet is mandatory or in alternative you can make a money deposit that you will receive when you leave Iran.

In our situation, and since we didn’t want to lose too much time with paperwork, we left the bikes at the border and entered by foot.

We had the support (and pleasure company) of Hosein that help us getting in and out of the country.

For sure we will came back to Iran (with canet) and with more time to spent.

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