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peter04 16 Oct 2006 15:51

Does any one no a good tyre dealer in the UAE near or in AL AIN I am after Conti TCK 80 for my 1150gs Adventure.


Stephano 16 Oct 2006 17:24

Up until 1997 I used to get my car tyres from:
Hamed Sultan Tyres
P.O. Box 15327
Industrial Area
Al Ain

+971 (3) 215945
+971 (50) 6036164

These numbers may be way out of date but that’s all I have for Al Ain. I don’t know if they’d have the tyre in question although they might be able to get it.

Otherwise, try phoning Motorcycle City in Dubai and asking if they have them.
+971 (4) 3338336

Or, Chris at BMW [AGMC] in Dubai.


peter04 16 Oct 2006 18:24

Hi Stephano
I asked about tyres at BMW the other day they told me they buy there tyres locally but weren't much help. Many thanks for the numbers ill try them.

And ill try motorcycle city. Shame i was near there last wed sat on a KTM 450 exc very nice.

Thanks Peter

Stephano 16 Oct 2006 20:23


Originally Posted by peter04
Shame i was near there last wed sat on a KTM 450 exc very nice.

Presumably at Tristar/Gorica next door. But did you have a look at their published KTM price list? Rather steep I thought! :thumbdown:

Try Sandstorm Motorcycles [+971 (4) 3395608] for the tyres too.


peter04 16 Oct 2006 20:37

Yer the bike was 36000 dhs but was offering it to me for 33000dhs but that what you pay for orange but it was only an inquiry. I think the Honda 450 enduro is a better buy. sandstorm are selling at 26000 out of the box a good deal I thought.

brettsyoung 17 Oct 2006 09:39

I had a nightmare getting dual purpose tyres in the UAE. I couldn't find anyone with Tourances, Trailwings or Scorpions or any other common option. Sandstorm were the only ones whose eyes didn't glaze over at the prospect of getting them, and they said they would have to buy them in. I ended up buying them from Australia myself and getting them shipped over. Luckily it was during the summer and I was happy to be off the bike for a few months. When I got them I had BMW fit them - big mistake. They fitted them incorrectly which almost brought me to grief when I got the death-wobbles mid-corner.

BMW are pathetic in the UAE. They are only interested in selling you a new bike or a $700 jacket - after-sales is an after-thought.

The Harley guy in Abu Dhabi re-fitted my front for free (a South African mechanic who actually rides) and he had nothing good to say about BMW in the UAE. I believe there is a Harley guy in Dubai that's as good.

So, my recommendation is to buy them through Sandstorm (or Harley D) and have the Harley guys fit them.


peter04 17 Oct 2006 15:48

Many thank Brett
Sandstorm seam to be very help full. Not sure about BMW find out next week as they are servicing the bike.


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