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James Rothwell 14 Mar 2009 13:46

Turkey to UAE through Saudi?
Hi there,

Quick question. Is it possible to obtain a visa to drive a car through Saudi Arabia?

I've done some searching and realise it nearly impossible for bikes because of the danger hazard but is this the same for cars? Can I just get a transit visa to drive through Saudi into UAE and then back again?


Stephano 14 Mar 2009 15:08


Originally Posted by James Rothwell (Post 233208)
Is it possible to obtain a visa to drive a car through Saudi Arabia?

The only way to be sure on an individual basis is to apply but it's common for cars driven by Middle eastern expats to pass through Saudi between Jordan & the UAE. There have also been a few Europe-based car drivers seeking to transit from Jordan to Port Sudan via Jeddah. I'm not sure how they got on. See here.

I don't know if it's applicable in London but in the UAE going through an official agent seemed to swing it for me.


James Rothwell 7 Jun 2009 12:03

I just read on LonelyPlanet forums that right hand drive cars are not allowed, does it mean for residents only and tourists can enter the country with a right hand drive car?

heavens angel 12 Jun 2009 21:30

RHD car

I read some time ago that the Principal of BSK ( British School of Kuwait) bought a Uk double decker bus and drove it from London to Kuwait but was delayed at the Saudi border for it being a right hand drive vehicle. You could ask the principal at The British School of Kuwait
Hope this helps.
Take care

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