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maximondo 30 Oct 2011 09:06

Turkey by Boat to Egypt - The backup Plan
HI Everyone,

I am currently in Iran, trying to get my Syrian Visa (Im a New Zealander with no Syrian Embassy in NZ) in Tehran. However they are causing problems despite telling me on the phone I could get it, now they have decided I need to be a resident.

So, my plan it to try the Turkey/Syria boarders as I should get a VOA (since I do not have an Embassy in my country) and see if I get in. However, I this fails I am trying to work out what the cheapest and warmest method to get around Syria and get to Africa.

I have been looking into ferry's between Turkey / Greece onwards to Greece / Egypt but nothing has been too clear for me. As some boats have been cancelled.

Any suggestions? I need to cross Syria mid December and I particularly do not want to cross Europe due to cost and weather! Im on a super budget and would just love to drive through Syria.

Please help...

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PanEuropean 30 Oct 2011 10:04

Hello Danielle:

Of all the places in the world I would not want to visit at this moment, I think Syria would be at the top of the list. I'm not sure how attentive you are to the news these days, but the feces is really hitting the ventilator in Syria right now...

Anyway, apropos of ferrying around Syria, I know there is ferry service from Israel to Greece (for the bike, not for yourself - it is not a passenger ferry). There has been a discussion here in the forum recently about that, and last month I met a couple in Greece who had shipped their Gold Wing by sea from Israel to Greece.

I'm wondering if Egypt to Turkey might be a more popular route, or perhaps 'somewhere' to Cyprus, then Cyprus to either Turkey or Greece (depending on which end of Cyprus you happen to be in).


catch22 30 Oct 2011 11:16


Why don't you make contact with Harry, an Austrian who is actually
in Teheran and has been refused entry Syria some weeks ago.
He should know about back-up plans!

Harry's site: Harald ( Harry ) Häninger | freedom-on2wheels

regards geert

maximondo 30 Oct 2011 12:04

Thanks a lot for the suggestions - i wonder which border Harry tried... I better get in contact with him as im in Tehran now too!

Thanks again

Mehmet Zeki Avar 31 Oct 2011 01:16

There is no ferry line from Cyprus to anywhere else except Greece and Turkey...Just a wrong direction and waste of time and money...
Last month some bikers didnt pay attention to my words and already tried this..They are all back in Turkey now.

Visa is not possible for Syria in all 12 bordergates..
Yayladağı (Hatay) · Cilvegözü (Hatay) · Islahiye (Gaziantep) · Çobanbey (Gaziantep) · Karkamış (Gaziantep) · Öncüpınar (Kilis) · Akçakale (Şanlıurfa) · Ceylanpınar (Şanlıurfa) · Mürşitpınar (Şanlıurfa) · Şenyurt (Mardin) · Girmeli (Mardin) · Cizre (Şırnak)

Harry had got his visa in A.. but unfortunately was not able to ride straight through Syria even he had visa so he stayed in a friends house in Şanlıurfa to try it several times.(Akçakale border gate).It was planned to be a group ride..
You will read it all in Harry's blog..
The same house with garden is arranged for your bike..

Be sure I will be the first one to tell it tou you when there is another option and better solution..Your trip in my agenda is number 1 and really willing to be helpful to you, too...

These are bad news..Good news is;
I am trying to give you good news about getting Syrian visa for you in Turkey..Lets see how it will develope and happen when you are here..

In these days,we are not so friendly with Syrian authorities because our government is not supporting Esad...All gates to enter Africa from Turkey are closed and this is really a big problem for travellers..Hope all will be normal soon.

So be strong,happy and positive to overcome all,(same as you were while dreaming this adventure),and you must be so..You have almost realised the first half..So half of the glass is full!!!

Wish you all the best and safe trips.

maximondo 31 Oct 2011 17:44

A huge thank you!
Thanks you so much!! You guys are doing so much for me and we havent even meet yet!!! I should be hitting Turkey shortly - im getting pretty excited, but sad about Syria!

See you soon

Mehmet Zeki Avar 31 Oct 2011 21:55

Here is the photo of the good bye party for Dear Harry and Richard together with bikers from 5 different nations, and Sir Pascal Leclerc held in our club garage.

Our club is the castle for bikers from all over the world.

Richard-NL 1 Nov 2011 14:24

Syria and backup plans
Hey Danielle,

I'm Richard and travel together with Harry for a while. We are running into some hassles for getting visa's even in my home country isn't really easy. You can sent me a PM for more info.

Cheers Richard

Ronnie79 6 Nov 2011 17:26


Originally Posted by istanbul bisiklet motosiklet (Post 354224)

In these days,we are not so friendly with Syrian authorities because our government is not supporting Esad...All gates to enter Africa from Turkey are closed and this is really a big problem for travellers..Hope all will be normal soon.

What do you mean by this? Maybe Syria isn't the safest place to be right now but transit seems still doable if you get a visa and don't travel with GPS etc.

Tom-Traveller 12 Nov 2011 08:53

a new possibilty ?

just found this .... can anyone confirm this or has more informations ?

Transport: Mersin-Alexandria ro-ro services to begin soon - Trasport - ANSAMED.info

Would be great :D

Greets Thomas

Ronnie79 18 Nov 2011 11:35

Here's a shipping company who does RoRo Mersin - Alexandria.

Plan your voyage - Van Uden Maritime

Unfortunately nothing until newyear and we want to ship earlier in case we have to skip Syria. Does anyone know any company who does RoRo or Container shipping to Egypt from just about anywhere in Europe, Turkey or maybe Tunisia?

m0318374 18 Nov 2011 12:44

We're leaving Brussels by the end of january 2012 for our Africa overland trip. Does anyone know already something more about the ro/ro from Mersin to Alexandria? Could we accompany the vehicle as passengers? I did not find much information on the website of Van Uden Maritime.

If that option won't work out I guess we will try the west coast instead, since it seems like the situation in Syria is escalating...

Tom-Traveller 17 Feb 2012 07:38

FERRY Turkey to Egypt
Hi guys

it looks like the ferry service from Mersin to Alexandria will start end of February .... :D:clap:

RORO services to start between Turkey and Egypt

This could be the solution for all travelling EastAfrica by :scooter: or 4x4

fingers crossed :mchappy:

Thomas & Andrea

Ronnie79 17 Feb 2012 09:04

Let's hope so!
Great news, let's hope it will start!

But I think I read something simular last year that never happened. Don't say hurray just yet!

I'm holding thumbs! (Meaning fingers crossed in Swedenbeer)

catch22 17 Feb 2012 11:14

Thomas and Andrea

thanks for your info, you made my day!!!

i will not breathe, stay put and keep fingers crossed-------------geert

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