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robvale 9 Oct 2006 19:04

Travelling back to the UK from Dubai in my car

I appreciate that this is a website for bikers but maybe someone can help me...

I'm planning on driving back to the UK in the spring in my Jeep. Although my route isn't finalised yet (owing to the conflict in Lebanon), I'm planning on trying to take in Egypt and Jordan as a minimum in the Middle East before driving through Turkey and onto Western Europe and home.

What i'm looking for is any advice that anyone can give me on doing such a trip? I may have to ship my car thru Saudi to Jordan - has anyone done this before? How can i get insurance for the journey?

Looking forward to hearing from any of you.


Stephano 9 Oct 2006 19:57

You should be able to get a visa to drive a car through Saudi Arabia although it might depend on who you are planning to travel with. I know car drivers who have succeeded in getting visas. Making an application at the Saudi Embassy is really the only way to find out, I’m afraid. And you will have to have the Jordanian visa already before you apply.

Egypt will add a huge amount to your carnet deposit as well as to your border hassles from what I’ve heard. Egypt & Iran are the countries in this region which make a carnet very expensive. I hope your Jeep isn’t too valuable! You might want to give Egypt a miss.

Call the Automobile Touring Club for a carnet quote.

Flat 11
Al MoosaBuilding (Nr. Clocktower Rndt.)
Maktoom Street

+971 4 2284019

They can also advise you regarding insurance. I have heard of an ‘orange card’ for the region. Perhaps they can tell you more.


Dick 11 Oct 2006 00:04

I drove home from Muscat in Oman back to England in 2000. It was dead easy to get a transit visa through Saudi as I had a Gulf working/resident visa for Oman and the Saudis were very helpful. My Dad who accompanied me also got a transit visa but his came from the London Embassy and it took no end of hassle and pleading and begging.
Insurance - well, we just winged it - nobody ever asked for us to show it and I don't think insurance is worth a bean in 3rd world counties. Having limited insurance also encourages you to slow down

Stephano 11 Oct 2006 06:36


Originally Posted by Dick
I don't think insurance is worth a bean in 3rd world counties.

That would be Worcestershire and where else? :)

rapiersurfer 24 Nov 2006 10:46

Hi mr e
I too tried to travel through saudi and had no end of hassle,the embassy told me no problem just come back closer to your departure date.two weeks before the start of my trip I went back and they would give no reason for not issueing a visa other than they don't issue visa for people driving through saudi who are departing from the middle east.This was of coarse rubbiish as I knew many people who had done the journey but three weeks of trying including driving around the emirates to all the other saudi embassies came to nothing.My conclusion is that if your face fits you,ll be o.k but if anyone is feeling like getting one up on a westerner your stuffed.
This was about a year after you left dick!
How life in worcestershire,I here your now a daddy!

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