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trui_gaea 20 Jan 2008 20:32

tourists killed in hawdramuth - 18/1/8
No intention to frighten anybody, but a group of tourists was shot (3 people killed, several wounded) in Hawdramuth province three days ago. As far as we could figure out the shooting took place in Wadi Dowan. It is not clear yet if the attack was a robbery gone wrong or a terrorist act, but are a bit tense around there. No idea if you can still get permits for the area - probably yes, it's a mayor highlight.

More info at BBC NEWS | Middle East | Belgians killed in Yemen attack

To reassure you: it's a lovely country and we're convinced all yemeni's will condemn this attack.

In the attack the Yemeni driver also died. If anyone by any chance knows his name or the company he drove for, we'd love to know. We met some great drivers, are unable to contact them and are quite worried.


juddadredd 20 Jan 2008 21:56

Prayers go to the Families of those killed, Yemen is on my list of places to visit so I have actually done a little research on it here’s my best link.

Background notes for Yemen:

And yet again the wonderful IMPARTIAL BBC says links to Al-Qaeda, for those that might get scared reading that piece and think terrorists are waiting just for you to go on holiday, then please Google

Yemen Violence 1946-2006 or
Yemen Violence 1967

The country is sectarian in its political beliefs and as such has a deal of unrest between the parties involved, to put things into perspective the odds of you getting involved are millions to 1, getting robbed on the other hand is a lot less then when you walk the streets of London.

Walkabout 20 Jan 2008 23:08

Posted a couple of days ago as well
Yes, and there is a bit more about it here:-


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