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brettsyoung 13 Mar 2006 23:44

Those dang Saudis - any bookmakers out there?
Planning to leave Friday for the round-the-gulf ride. Got all the visas and paperwork except...yep, the Saudis. It's been "tomorrow" for weeks now. Two working days left here now. Everyone in the Saudi embassy is working on it, at least everyone I've spoken to, which must be just about everybody by now. If the Saudis are true to form I'll get the visa 1 hour before the embassy closes for the weekend. Three months notice and it always comes down to the last minute.

If anyone'll take bets I'll go for 52 minutes before the deadline. I know most of you think I'm dreaming to think I'll get the visa at all but I'm confident enough to throw a few dinar on 52 (maybe a lay-off bet of 2 dirham on 16 minutes).

Come on, have a wager... I promise I'll send the winner some of that ritzy Kuwaiti cash.

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ozhanu 14 Mar 2006 00:49

I am not gonna bet but just tell us how u get it (if you get it).
really really best of luck
ozhan u.

ozhan u.
'97 F650

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