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woeste willem 2 Jan 2011 11:29

Theft free hotels, hostels etc....
Hello everybody

it's a cry ass shame that people steal motorcycles! Especially if you are in the ME and therefore a long way from home....

Is it an idea to register Motorfriendly Hotels? Hotels where you can safely park your iron horse without worrying about theft? We can start with the popular countries like, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon?

There have been a lot of travellers before that can help future travellers to enjoy a theft free trip!

I"m heading to the ME in march/april and I will certainly appreciate your postings on this topic and I will definately post mine on my trip!

Are you game?

PocketHead 2 Jan 2011 12:17

I think what you're asking for already exists, in the bike friendly section of the forum.

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