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saren 28 May 2009 07:25

Syria Visa (at Turkish border) with Canadian, or Iranian passport?
Syria Visa (at Turkish border) with Canadian, or Iranian passport?

I am visiting Turkey for 3 months (on an Iranian passport), but also, I have a Canadian passport. After Turkey, I want to enter Syria (and get visa at the border). My question is which passport is better for obtaining the Syria visa on arrival, as well as to reduce costs? I've heard Canadians pay $60 to enter Turkey, and around $80 to enter Syria. For that reason, I am thinking maybe it's better to go with Iranian. Does anyone have info for Iranians? Also, will it be a problem to enter Syria as a Canadian, if I entered Turkey as an Iranian? What if the Syrian officials ask where my Turkish entry/exit stamps are? And I say they are in my OTHER passport?


MountainMan 28 May 2009 08:05

The standard line that they give you is that to obtain a Syrian visa you should apply at the consulate in Ankara. In the last couple of years a few lazy bikers (including myself) have showed up at the border and hoped to receive it there and it worked out fine. That's not to say that it always will, but it seems to be fine recently.

If you are going to be in Ankara, you may want to eliminate that risk of getting sent back at the border by just doing it there. If you are not going to Ankara otherwise, then you get to have fun deciding if the hassle of stopping in Ankara exceeds the risk of getting turned back at the border.:)

youngtrippers 10 Jun 2009 14:19

Entered Syria from Turkey last week with no visa in advance. UK Landcruiser two UK citz. First border South of Sanliurfa (Urfa) sent the Turkish police across to find out if they would let us in and they came back with a no, but the chief of police suggested we try Gazianteppe (border Kilis) which we did and after a 6 hours we got through. $52 each for the visa, $53 for insurance, $79 for customs (car I think, they didn't want to know about our carnet) and $100 diesel tax! This by the way is per week and you'll get charged coming out for further weeks. Border guards we're all really friendly and Mohammed in the insurance office speaks great English, plenty of tea drunk and we even cooked up a pasta dish while we were there! The delay was due to having to fax Damascus for permission.

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