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Poppino 10 May 2012 23:47

Syria visa
Hey to all, I dont know who is telling the story, that you cant enter Syria at the moment??? I camed from Jordan, and got without any problems a 3 days transit visa for 8US plus 30US incurence for the bike. In Hama I couldnt get an extension, but easily in Aleppo. Then, I left Syria at the Killis border, and they told me I hav to come back soon, transitvise wouldnt be a problem. two days ago, because of different reason I tried to go to the turkish Nusabyn Border, but that one is completly closed! So I drove to the Jarabulus one, and it wasnt any problem to get a visa there again. They told me its a3 days transit visa, so I paid 8US for Visa, and 8US Customs. But I figgured out, its a 4 week touristvisa! So, its possible to come to Syria from both sides!!! And its worth, I will stay a couple of days again here in Aleppo, before returning back to turkey! So all the best to all oberlanders!

roamingyak.org 13 May 2012 11:05

Well done mate....

It's not just the visa though, its the real or perceived dangers in Syria now.

I tried to cross the border about 2 weeks ago, parked on the Jordan side, got permission to walk over (escorted) and ask if I could enter. I have a New Zealand passport so could in theory get a visa at the border. But they told me the border "is not possible today". I did my best to weave and dodge this answer, supplying reasons why it would be ok, a letter written in Arabic explaining my trip etc etc.

But a very firm "not today" ;-)

A Dutch guy had also tried and got turned away earlier....

So maybe your nationality was ok, or maybe it changed from day to day...

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