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dakaralex 3 Oct 2012 13:54

Spending wintermonths 2012/13 in UAE or Oman - looking for a good place and to work
Hello bikers in the middle east!

We are a young couple Alex 29 - German and Mila 23 - Russian travelling on rtw-trip. We travelled 7 months across Europe and Turkey and want to enter Iran in the next weeks and make it down to UAE and find a place to stay for several months during the "winter time" before heading further to Pakistan, India and South-East Asia in March next year.
We are looking for a place to work in UAE or Oman, to earn some money for our future travell. Does anybody has suggestions??

I'm an industrial mechanic and mechanical engineer and Mila speaks fluent Tatar, Russian, Englisch and Farsi and teaches those languages. Beside that we are happy about any kind of job, which helps us to "survive"...

Anybody feel free to suggest anything that you have in mind!

We really appreciate any kind of help!!!


Tim_A 12 Oct 2012 19:10

Hi Alex

"Temporary work" is not so easy in the Middle East where residence visas and employment contracts are dependant upon company sponsorship etc. Again, normally teachers will be on a two or three year contract. "But there are ways" to overcome these problems :smartass:

Send me a mail to info at althika dot ae. and maybe I can help. Check out the website, and let me have your CV.

dakaralex 15 Oct 2012 13:54


Thanks for your reply! At the moment we are in Iran and have some problems, which might us force to go back to Turkey and spent winter time up there...

I will let you know, when we know better!

Thanks in advance!!


Mehmet Zeki Avar 15 Oct 2012 17:00

Sorry to hear about problems which forces you to stop.
If it is a bike problem unable to solve in Iran,
Contact Mr.Erkan Sedef at doğubeyazıt.(border town between TR. and Iran)
There is a good mechanic there erkan may get you to his work shop.Only problem is you may have to wait some days to get spare parts if missing.
Do let me know your problem clearly so ı can be able to help in the best way.
Erkan Sedef runs Hotel Ararat at Belediye cad. 16.

A big hello from me..
mehmet avar.

dakaralex 18 Oct 2012 13:13

Hi Mehmet!

thanks for helping! No, no problem with the bike. The boarder people stamped just 10 days transit on my carnet. I never heard about thet before....

Beside that I got very sick, after entering Iran and had to stay almost 4 days just doing nothing. BEside that, we got kicked out of the house of our hosts in Urmia, while I still had more then 38° temperature.

I was so dissapointed about the country that moment and the fact that we had to spent more money then expected for doctor, medicine and necessary hotel I decided to go back to Turkey. I was not in the mood to deal for extending visa and carnet, what would be necessary to keep going...

So we are back in TR in Van, at the moment.

Thanks for helping


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