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monkii 4 Mar 2008 20:54

Solo travel to Siwa oasis, and the other oases, in Egypt possible?
Is it possible to travel from Sidi Barrani or Marsa Matruh to Siwa oasis and the other western oases, all the way down to Aswan? I know from Aswan to Cairo you need police escorts, but can you do the western desert area alone on a bike?
Are there petrol stations with gasoline at the oases?

brend 5 Mar 2008 09:22

you can travel to the western desert oasis without any police escort. There are fuel stations in the oasis. It is possible to drive from bahharia oasis to the wiwa oasis. But it is more than 400 km. And it is a really bad way. don't do this alone. But the western desert is really beautiful. It is no problem to go there.

jamieT 5 Mar 2008 12:58

Permits and Petrol
Siwa to Bahareya needs permits from police. These are available at either end but painful to get ( a day at the least ). The road is patchy and covered in sand dunes in places, not sure of the distance but people I know have carried extra fuel (even on KTM adventure).

Petrol available in all oasis although they have occasional shortages for a day or two. Usually 90 is the best you can find in Bahareya and often only 80 in the other oasis.


Guest2 5 Mar 2008 13:20

When I did this route you had to apply for a permit in Marsa Matruh to travel between Marsa Matruh to Siwa, and it took a couple of hours to get one.
I am not recommending this but I then traveled on from Siwa to Bahareya without a permit, we had an overnight stop in the desert on route. The soldiers at the check points never asked to see a permit so it was not a problem. Not sure what the consequences could be, so better check before you try this.


yoni 6 Mar 2008 16:44

Western Desert Egypt
From Marsa Matruh to Siwa no need for apermit (it is a well kept paved road). but if you want to go via Ein Gara you'll need one, at Marsa police. there are no gas stations until Siwa take at least extra 5 liters from Marsa.
From Siwa to Baharia you need permit. you will have to go to 2 palaces: the army. the tourist police. then they will zirox 7 times the permits and you will have to start your riding in the morning, passing all army posts leaving a permit in each one. they will call the next post and tell them you are on your way. you must get on Baharia side before night, or they will send to find you (don't beleave they will do so) you must carry extra fuel with you it is very rugged road covered with sand and granith gravell. and dont forget to take some small gifts for the soldiars in the posts. a candy a lighter cigaretts etc. they are stuck in the middle of nothing and you are the world for them. at last, try not to enter alone. and tell the place hallo from me, i remember every stone, did it twice :)

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