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vicky250gt 5 Aug 2008 17:15

ride plan for the December long holidays
we have long holidays starting 2rd Dec'08 in the Middle-east on account of the Hajj event and i think this will be perfect to plan a ride in and around UAE/Oman/Qatar.

My plan is to ride from Al-Khobar in Saudi to Dubai/Abudhabi and then look around generally. The ride plan is fixed, but the destinations are not.

So, ..... if any of you guys feel like tagging on, giving advise, let me know your plan .. pls feel free to do so.

would be happy to ride with any of you guys ... any time...


Dusty_Marcus 29 Nov 2008 09:25

I've been considering a trip for the holidays. Most of all I'd like to ride around Saudi but still working on a proper Visa, don't wanna do a 3 day transit.

But if I can't do that I'd like to go to Oman and Yemen.

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