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JoeSheffer 31 Aug 2012 14:46

Price of 200/250cc bikes in UAE or Oman
Looking to pick up a used 200/250cc bike in either Oman or the UAE.

Does anyone know wheres best to start looking, what brands are available and what prices are like.


Jonnyoneye 6 Sep 2012 08:26

Check out www.dubizzle.com or www.dubaipetrolheads.com , where it might give a better idea of what is available and through the forum on the latter, you could ask the question to people actually in the region.
Good luck, J

woofleboofe 15 Sep 2012 09:13

Selling my bike in UAE

Actually, i will be going to the UAE around october 1-5 and be there for a week or two and i am looking to sell my bike.

Its a honda cbf250, 2006 and will have done less than 40,000 kms when i get to uae. Im certainly no motorbike expert, but i have kept it in good condition and it's going really well. I bought it in Spain and im in turkey at the moment.

Anyway, let me know if you would be interested! I paid 1500 euro for it but would sell it for 1000 if you wanted it

I have absolutely no idea what the going rate for bikes is in UAE though, i guess i am going to need to do that research too

PNSFExpedition 18 Sep 2012 16:59

Hi there - just a thought - but it may be a nightmare to buy / sell a motorbike in the UAE if you do not have a residency visa.

Your best chance is at the Al Awir car market, which may have some motorbikes I suppose. These guys do a lot of import / export and you may get away with buying a bike with export plates.

As for selling a bike ... those are the guys I would go to as well. They know the red tape and how to get around it.

Al Aweer Used Car Market Dubai

woofleboofe 23 Sep 2012 10:56

That is a good point
Yeh... selling a bike is always going to be a problem.

I am wondering if i should sell it here in Turkey or take the risk and go to UAE. I guess it would be easier here...

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