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closmann 15 Feb 2002 13:01

Passing saudi arabia
We have shipped our motorbikes to Dubai, United Emirates and our planning to go to Jordan. However we have to cross Saudi-Arabia first. We are not sure yet if we can come in but been told they dont give touristvisa. Unfortunately our bikes will arrive in Dubai next week. So does anyone know how to obtain a tourist-, business- or transitvia for this country? Anyone maybe have contacts with a arabian company that can get us an invitation?

Susan Johnson 16 Feb 2002 00:59

See this post, and note contact details for Richard Stallard, who lives in Dubai.

Another post on this topic:

And another:

"Saudi Arabia recently started offering tourist visas, but only if you went on one of their 'official' tours."

Hope one of these gets you going. Always useful to Search before posting as there are often earlier postings on the same topic.

Good luck and safe travels!

Susan Johnson
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ChrisK 8 Mar 2002 17:35

Hi, I have just contacted the Saudi Embassy on this matter and it seems that a 3 day transit visa is quite straight forward, though I am assuming this is to enter by ship and wait for another if transiting from Egypt to Eritrea or Djibuti. Regards Chris

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