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nicolasrapp 30 Jun 2010 12:32

Need travel info on Yemen
Anyone knows what areas are closed now? planning to go from Mocha to the Oman border, what would be the most hassle free road?
Not sure how to get travel authorization outside of Sana. Should I just roll and see?


nicolasrapp 21 Jul 2010 09:09

UPDATE: I arrived in Moka, and drove to Aden alone. I was able to get a travel authorization in Aden from the police building just across from the Aden Hotel. Then I drove, and was escorted by military from the first checkpoint all the way to Mukhalla (600km). They all ask you to pay, but you can just say you have no more money. From Mukhalla to the Oman border (600 km again), I went without escort.

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