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kiwiron 8 Oct 2007 23:54

jordan/syria visas from cairo?
can you get visas for jordan/syria in cairo or would you get the syrian visa in jordan thanks ron.

RichLees 9 Oct 2007 19:32

my book says get ıt ın your home country ıf you can. ıf there's no embassy ın your home country, you mıght get ıt on the border.
I'd suggest askıng ın Caıro ... ıf they say no, go on to Jordan and hope you can get ıt there. ıf you get ıt ın Caıro, great - then you don't have to worry about beıng rejected ın Amman. frıends trıed to get vısas for saudı ın Amman and were rejected so had to fly them and theır bıkes to Indıa to resume theır trıp
good luck
I'm ın Turkey, headıng ınto Syrıa ın the next 2-3 days. then I go to Jordan, Syrıa, Lebanon, Syrıa, Turkey, Iran ... maybe see out there!

DesertSoul 10 Oct 2007 00:23

Jordan - on the border.
Syria - on the border if no SY consulate in your home country. Otherwise doesn't matter whether you try in Cairo or Amman.

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