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Bryce 11 Dec 2001 16:49

Help with Carnets
This message is also being posted on the "trip paperwork" board, but I would like to post it here to cover those that may not read the other boards.
Although I have ridden extensively in Australia and have been to over 20 countries, I don’t know much about Carnets except you I have to have one for some countries! Also, as I am presently working in China, I am very limited in what I can do from this end.
Next autumn, I plan on flying one way to London and buying a 1980’s model Tenere (hopefully for under 1000 pound) in England.
I plan on riding through France, Switzerland, Italy, boat to Tunisia, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt (maybe Sudan and Ethiopia), Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. From Pakistan, I plan on leaving my bike and flying to China where I would continue my work. I would then come back to Pakistan and ride through the rest of Pakistan, India and Nepal in a different season.
Would I be allowed to leave my bike in Pakistan and fly out? What would they say at the airport? Has anyone done this?
Also, due to the expense of shipping to Australia as well as the cost of meeting ADR, I would ultimately prefer to sell the bike, give it away or ditch it in Pakistan, India or Nepal. Would I loose all the deposit for my carnet? Has anyone ever done this?
Also, does anyone have any idea about how much a carnet would cost in England for these countries and where is the best/cheapest place to get it from (remember that I am Australian).

ChrisC 19 Dec 2001 21:34

Hi Bryce
can't really help on the pricind but Carnets can be obtained from the RAC or the AA
www.rac.co.uk/com www.theAA.co.uk/com

not sure if it is com or uk

good luck

twowheeltrekkers 29 Aug 2002 22:40


I know that this post is a long time away from your initial enquiry but we have left England on two BMW F650's riding to Australia - via most of the countries that you are visiting. The Carnet is based on the value of your bike ( second hand if it is ) ours were 1500 UK pounds and 1750 UK pounds - we had to leave 9000 UK pounds in the UK with the AA - if the bikes do not come back to England we loose the amount of duty that should have been paid in the country that they were left - plus the hassle of proving where they are etc etc. From England it would be a nightmare we think for an Australian. It can be done with insurance but because of the trouble with India and Pakistan and Iran at the moment all insurance is nul and void and therefore not acceptable - hence leaving the money behind. You also get no interest on the money you leave !

P.S. you'll be lucky to find a decent Tenere for under 1000 UK pounds - you'd be better to buy a Tenere in France ( there are more of them )

Cliff & Jenny


POB/London 30 Nov 2002 20:42

Agreed about getting the Tenere in France. Much cheaper (a decent unmodified one with no major problems will cost you about 1500GBP at the moment).

I'm doing the same route in June - email me and I'll let you know what we decide re: paperwork and other organisation. We're doing:

France/Spain/Portugal/Morocco/Algeria/Tunisia/Libya/Egypt/Jordan/Syria/Turkey/ >> London.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

simmo 22 Dec 2002 14:15

About two years ago I travelled via KKH to China from Pakistan. Met some bikers who left their bikes at the police station in Sost (Pakistan),while visiting China. Only for a couple of weeks though, as they were returning to go on to India. I can't comment on wether they were still there on returning!

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