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dogito66 4 Aug 2009 09:03

help needed for UAE visa
hi all,
we're currently in pakistan and got the iranian visa alraedy. right now we're trying to apply for the UAE visa for my wife (filipino national).
we have all the requirements but the sponsor who needs to be living in UAE...
can anyone sponsor my wife for the UAE visa?? we'd get to UAE, overhaul the engine on our africa twin and then continue through oman, yemen to africa.
many thanks in advance

darius and jane

Adrian DXB 14 Aug 2009 06:09

Darius / Jane,

Just a thought, but what about having a hotel arrange the visa on your behalf - I think you would have to be staying with them though.

Otherwise, I think an individual would have to put up a guarantee for the visitor. (not too sure on this)


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