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Remy 17 Aug 2009 19:35

Greece to Egypt: Help with Route
Since it has recently come to my attention that there are no longer any ferries running between Greece and Egypt directly, I am trying to discover other options to travel between the two countries. I'm hoping to avoid Cypress, so I was thinking of maybe finding my way to Israel and then riding across the border to Egypt.
First, are there any ferries that run directly from Greece to Israel?
And secondly, is it difficult to cross the border between Israel and Egypt?
Thanks in advance for your help and any assistance.

McCrankpin 17 Aug 2009 20:17

Don't know your situation, but have you thought of going via Turkey, Syria, Jordan?
We are planning that right now, leaving London soon. It's a long way but Syria and Jordan look like wonderful places to visit (as well as Turkey of course, which we've visited before).

Remy 17 Aug 2009 21:16

Funny you mentioned that because I was actually just researching the plausibility. As a rider I want to ride as much as possible, so any chance I have to avoid shortcuts by air or sea are always appreciated. My big issue was having to add Jordan and Syria to my carnet, but it seems that I don't need one in either country which makes the decision pretty heavily weighted in favor of going this route. My only question is approximately how far is the distance and approximately how many days its would take? Either way, Id love to get the visas in advance, so any information you might have amassed in regards to this route would be appreciated. Thanks.

Miquel-Silvestre 17 Aug 2009 21:31

I´ve just done similar trip. I got Israel riding from Istambul. Now in Turkey again after crossing Cyprus. Not Egypt, but I think is not a hard job crossing the border, but what next from Egypt if wanted to go back to Europe? The only way I found is by Cyprus. You can ship the bike from Hayfa to Pireus, but you should leave the ferry in Lemesus and fly to Athens. No passengers allowed.

McCrankpin 17 Aug 2009 23:20


Originally Posted by Remy (Post 253747)
Either way, Id love to get the visas in advance, so any information you might have amassed in regards to this route would be appreciated. Thanks.

The key visa seems to be Syria. Jordan is available at the border.
There's a lot of fairly recent info about Syrian visa on various threads. Try a search or look at middle-east threads. This is what I've found and what I plan.

Officially you have to get the Syrian visa in your home country (unless it has no Syrian consulate).
But, in London consulate at least, it's only three months validity. It'll take me three months to get to Syria so can't apply in London. In London, a 6 month visa is available, but as far as I can ascertain that's a business visa only.

Word on the threads is to apply in Ankara. Word on the threads is that you will be asked for a letter of identity from your own embassy in Ankara. Have read that the UK embassy charges over 30 pounds each person for the letter (don't remember exact amount). I've also read that the US embassy in Ankara has stopped issuing these letters, don't know if that's correct.

Word on the threads is that, at one particular crossing from Turkey to Syria, visas are available easily at the border, and probably at other crossings too. Don't remember which one, have it stored somewhere for reference later.
The border visa is only 14 days or so, but can be extended once in the country, and as far as I can ascertain, the total cost is less than the £30 demanded by the UK embassy for the letter.

So my plan is to check in Ankara first that a letter from UK embassy is needed, and if the price is that high. If that's the case, go to Syria border and apply there.

Here's one thread I've noted:

and another:

How to get a Syrian Visa at the Border

If anyone reading this can correct this info or update it with good recent info, I think that would help a lot of people.


Remy 17 Aug 2009 23:29

Thanks for that wealth of information McCrankpin. If you have any other notes, please post them. It would be great to have a consice collection of data and experience in regards to the protocol of attaining a Syrian Visa. Apprehension over the Syrian visa was actually my initial concern, but it's an adventure so I guess we'll all see how it plays out. Any idea as to the actual distances between Instanbul, down through Syria and Jordan, and then hoping over into Egypt?

Miquel-Silvestre 18 Aug 2009 04:36

Hi, Remi. As I said here I have done the same trip you want to do. Just one week ago I was in Syria. So I have all the information you may need and it is posted here. If more is demanded, just write to me. Distances, prices, tips, paperwork... this website is for sharing information, especially when one has done the trip.


No more worries about syrian visa.

From Nairobi to Cape Town

Blog de Miquel Silvestre

Blog de Miquel Silvestre

jcbmw 31 Aug 2009 17:29


You can also find a lot of info about visas on the lonely planet website!


Knight of the Holy Graal 8 Oct 2009 14:53


Originally Posted by Remy (Post 253765)
Any idea as to the actual distances between Instanbul, down through Syria and Jordan, and then hoping over into Egypt?

Except for Egypt, I did the same thing last year, when I rode from Italy to Petra, Jordan.
Never mind, because roads are in good conditions.
It took two days from Istanbul to Aleppo and two more days from Aleppo to Petra. Well, actually it took many days more but only if we consider visits to Aleppo, Damascus, Palmyra, Bosra and Ajlun.
If we are talking about time needed for riding only, I'd make you sure about 4/5 days maximum from Istanbul to Petra.
And I rode my Harley-Davidson, so you can make it astride any bike!! :thumbup1:

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