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danielsprague 12 Jan 2009 07:36

Ferry to Qeshm
Qeshm is the largest island in the Persian Gulf, and lies just off the Iranian mainland, north of the UAE. It's a mildly interesting place, with echoes of the old Persian Gulf cultures which have all but disappeared elsewhere. It's not exactly St Lucia, but it's worth a visit if you have the time.

With a car / bike, you take the ferry from Bandar Pol, which is about 60km west of Bandar Abbas.

the following is for a car. Someone once posted here that a bike is free. I'm not sure if this is still correct though.

Port tax IR10,000
Ferry IR60,000 (each way)
Entrance ticket to Qeshm Island IR25,000

Ferries operate daily, when full. You need to go to the customs office about 500m back on the road from the jetty (east side) with your carnet to get some paperwork. It's free and easy, English is spoken.

The east of the island is developed, as something of a poor man's Dubai, but the western arm is interesting. Some nice landscapes, and very interesting salt caves near Namakdan. Basic supplies are available on the island, but there is a dearth of places to eat (or stay) outside Qeshm. Camping options are unlimited though.


Lovetheworld 28 Nov 2011 15:31

We also did in November 2011 and the total price was IR180.000 including everything. They want to make some copies for IR5000 and customs cost for IR15000 and the rest is the (return) ticket itself.

The southern road to the southwesternpoint is nice, although it is a bad dirt road, and most of the small bridges have collapsed so you have to drive around them via dirt roads with some small slopes (not suitable for normal car). But hey, we didn't even use 4wd.
It has nice landscapes (remind me of cappdocia) and the salt cave, and salty mountains (one of them looks like a vertical salt lake, same structure).

Island has a lot of nice places to bushcamp but the souther coast line has some military bases and it is advised not to camp there.

For further info see Qeshm travel guide - Wikitravel

It's nice to go here when you have time, and it shows the Persian Gulf culture. So you don't have to drive the whole Persian Gulf road like we did.

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