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kriekie 21 Sep 2005 14:00

Distance from Ankara to Dubai
Can anybody give me the road distance between Ankara and Dubai via Iran and possible timeframe to do it in.

ozhanu 22 Sep 2005 00:27

Hi, according to my calculations, the distance between Istanbul to Dubai via iran from a best route is as follows:

The route: Istanbul to Dubai

Istanbul>408km>Ankara>409km>Sivas>250 km>
Dogu Beyazit(border)>278km>Tabriz>595km>
Siraz>715km>Bandar Abbas(The port to Dubai)

In total: 3987 km = 2490 miles

Source: Insight Travel Map – Middle East

Best of Luck and ride carefully..

ride safely
ozhan u.
'97 F650

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