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Vaalseun 7 Jan 2011 16:40

Carnet needed for Sinai?
Hi All

I know many of you are now saying "what planet is this guy from that he doesn't know that he needs a carnet for Egypt".

I am currently in Eilat, Israel and would like to go to Dahab for a few weeks with my motorbike (no carnet). Somewhere I heard that the carnet rules for Sinai are not as strict as for 'mainland' Egypt. I was hoping someone could shed some light on this.

Thanks in advance

skip 8 Jan 2011 12:45

You will need to get a carnet for Egypt, they will not let you cross in to Sinai with a motorcyle with out one you will also need a visa,plus you will also need 3 copys of your documents reg passport licence, They will give you a set of tourist number plates at a cost but you will get your money back when you take the bike back out of the country. Skip

PS. And be prepaired for a long wait crossing at Taba it took me and a mate best part of 7 hours.

Vaalseun 9 Jan 2011 16:42

Egypt Carnet
Hey Skip

Thanks for the reply. I decided not to attempt crossing the border with my bike. Instead I locked it up at the hotel in Eilat (Israel) and bussed it to Dahab. I did speak with the Egyptian Customs when I passed through the border and they confirmed what you said. No carnet, no Egypt! :thumbdown:

They said I could buy a carnet in Nuweiba which I might do depending on the cost.


yoni 10 Jan 2011 14:38

To Sinai from Israel
Sorry for the late responce.

You CAN enter east Sinai with a bike or a car from Israel witout any Carnet.
It is an arragement that make entering East Sinai easy for tourists. It takes some time at the border with the Egypt burocracy. but no need for a carnet.

Ride safe


onlyMark 10 Jan 2011 16:27

But I presume you are then restricted to the Sinai?

yoni 10 Jan 2011 16:58

Rest of Sinai
The touristic points of Sinai are spread along the Eilat-Aqaba bay. all the wondeful great snorkeling areas. starting in Eilat at the North and Ras-Mohamed at the South. West Sinai is mostly desert and the Suez Bay side of the Sinai peninsula gets all the sand storms that come from the Sahara. So the Egyptians separate East Sinai from the rest of Egypt. BTW, also an Egyptian that wants to visit, work or stay at the East zone, needs a special permit (Tasrich).

Ride- thats the way to feel the world


Vaalseun 11 Jan 2011 20:44

Sinai Carnet
Thanks for the info Yoni. I went to Neweiba today to enquire about buying a carnet. They wanted 4,000 Egyptian pounds for the carnet and 20,000 Egyptian pounds as security with no absolute guarantee of getting the funds back....I decided to pass :-(
Your news is good. I will go back to Taba and check again about the east Sinai carnet situation.

woeste willem 16 Jan 2011 12:13

Damn, that's probably more than the Gross National Product of Egypt:welcome:

it's allmost my whole budget for my ME trip in april/may. Definately will pass the Egypt option......It's too bad, for us but definately for them, now were spending our money in other countries than Egypt. 3000 euros is just a whole lot of money....(for me anyway :-)

But hey, maybe Sinai is an option? Let us know!

Squire 16 Jan 2011 20:41

Sinaï can be nice
Riding the Sinaï at this time of year can be quite nice but also quickly done. The road from Taba to Sharm along the Gulf of Acaba is a lot of fun most of the way, hilly canyon like road with plenty of curves, fascinating mineral colors and very interesting shades depending of the time of the day. It ain't that long though -- very unfortunately. A nice ride is crossing the St-Catherine national Park between Dahab and the Red Sea, quite scenic both ways, valley with palm trees on the Western part and hilly on the Eastern side, with the color desert. The good thing is there are many shops where you can actually rent dual purposes bikes in Dahab, mainly Honda XR250 for a day or more, just negotiate and pick a bike with brakes... So, crossing to the Sinaï just to drive 500-600 km total..? not sure. It would be though if you plan to ride the Western desert. If only Dahab would be closer to Cairo. /C

Vaalseun 17 Jan 2011 12:46

Carnet for Sinai
I went back to the Egyptian customs at the Taba border post. The head honcho there recognized me from the previous week, and after initially being a bit annoyed because I was asking the same questions again, he took the time to explain to me exactly how it works doh ….so here it is straight from the horse’s mouth: Only Israel registered vehicles are exempt from having a carnet. This exemption applies to all of Sinai but only at the Taba border post. All other foreign registered vehicles must have a carnet (No exceptions!). He then advised me to go to the Automobile and Touring Club of Israel (MEMSI) in Tel Aviv and buy a cheaper tripticket there….he even made a copy of another one for me to go show them. Turns out he is actually a nice helpful guy! :thumbup1:
Armed with that information I set off for Tel Aviv. To my disappointment MEMSI told me that the tripticket that I had a copy of was for an Israel registered bike and that they cannot issue one to foreign registered motorcycles. I have to add though that the forceful way in which she delivered this news made me question the accuracy, but I was screwed anyway. For now I have given up the idea of trying to get my bike into Egypt without a carnet.
Woeste Willem, I guess the way to get into Egypt is by getting that Carnet from the Automobile Association in your country of registration. Once you have the carnet, the additional costs to get into Egypt are: Customs charges 575LE, Insurance 58LE, Traffic Dept 70LE, and then an Arrival Fee for your bike of 35LE (there is also an arrival fee for yourself of 75LE)
Squire: The Sinai is definitely a place I would like to explore by bike but the desert gods and my bank balance appear to be working against me L. When in Dahab I looked at renting a bike. Although not quite the same as one’s own bike, those bikes seem to be ok. They rent them for 300LE a day, but I’m sure the price is negotiable.
I guess my options now are: 1) An expensive cargo ship from Haifa to Italy; 2) A ferry from Haifa to Cyprus and a Ro-Ro cargo ship Greece (no passengers allowed); 3) A ferry to Cyprus and a ferry to Turkey
Cheers for now

onlyMark 17 Jan 2011 17:47

You know of the ferry between Tartous, Syria then via Alexandria to Venice?
Or does that not help?
Car & truck ferry to Syria – Egypt – Italy | Visemar Line
Or can you not enter Syria because of an Israeli passport stamp now?

Vaalseun 18 Jan 2011 06:10

Thanks for the info onlyMark. It's not the Israel stamp that handicaps me to go to Syria (I have 2 passports). To get to Cyria I must go through Jordan and they also want a carnet

onlyMark 18 Jan 2011 06:28

I was always under the impression you don't need a Carnet for Jordan. It's handy to have one, but it isn't mandatory.

ivanbrgic 18 Jan 2011 06:50


Originally Posted by Vaalseun (Post 318513)
Hi All

I know many of you are now saying "what planet is this guy from that he doesn't know that he needs a carnet for Egypt".

I am currently in Eilat, Israel and would like to go to Dahab for a few weeks with my motorbike (no carnet). Somewhere I heard that the carnet rules for Sinai are not as strict as for 'mainland' Egypt. I was hoping someone could shed some light on this.

Thanks in advance

Here is my two cents

For me Egypt was the hardest Country to get in to. I was going from Israel side and I had a Carnet.
But it was a nightmare. The border guy wanted from us to make a new carnet as at the back of the carnet Egypt was listed under African countries and he wanted us to change that. (All the carnets last page look the same) He keep repeating 'Egypt is z center of z Middle East'

It took us 3 days camping at the border and a lot of copies and phone calls and faxing before they let us in the country.
At the end they have charge us for the parking on the border.

So the whole Egypt thing did not work for us that well. On Africa’s East side the more south you get the better it is.

All the best

mpubh11 20 Jan 2011 08:39

Vaalseun - Still in Israel?
Hi there,
If you are still in Israel and want to join for a ride (on Saturday) you more than welcome.
PM me for that.
We intend to ride the east side of the country (north to south) - great views + great roads + bonus of some history of the area.

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