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sciii 5 Feb 2007 01:42

Carnet for Syria
Do I need carnet for Sirya or Jordan, and what price is for issue I must pay on the borders. I will go with motorcycle. Does people in Syria and Jordan like football?

brettsyoung 5 Feb 2007 05:33

Syria and Jordan both required a carnet when I was last there (Nov 2006). Something like USD20-30 at each border for insurance, road tax etc. Unless you are talking about the cost of the carnet - whole other issue. And of course they like soccer - everyone except Australians like soccer!


Matt Roach 5 Feb 2007 12:50

We Australians tend to prefer a sport where "diving in the penalty box" is not allowed! And yes, unfortunately both these countries seem to like football / soccer. I was hard-pressed to find a decent game of rugby!

I entered both Jordan and Syria in Dec. 05 with a temporary import permit (TIP), as my carnet had expired. Jordan was easy to get a TIP, although it did seem to create some hassle at the Syrian border. In addition to the insurance costs listed by Brett, The TIP was about US$20-30 for Jordan and about US$50 for Syria.


sciii 5 Feb 2007 23:54

Yupiiii, Bret, I am soccer coatch and I shall play soccer with Syrians gays. Football is life:thumbup1:

brend 20 Mar 2007 20:00

tip, carnet, trip ticket????
:confused1: hello
maybe it is a stupid question but what is exactly the different between them

RichLees 20 Mar 2007 22:19

TIP - temporary import permit is issued by local customs on arrival in their country

Carnet/triptique (three parts) is guaranteed by your home motoring organisation and "approved" by customs in the country you are visiting (assuming they use it!). the three parts to each page are the "in" and "out" stub that you keep, the "in" bit the customs take when you arrive and the "out" bit they take when you leave. in principle, the "out" bit cancels the "in" bit inside the customs system. in practice, they don't always find each other within the customs organisation which is why you need to keep your third of the page as proof. still having the bike/car after you left the country counts as proof too!

always, always, always go for the TIP if you can! losing a carnet can be a nightmare if you've had to guarantee a bond to your motoring organisation

brend 22 Mar 2007 17:28

okay. I think is see. Only two questions left. Which one is more expensive? And how long is Temporary? bye

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