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Tony Robson 5 Dec 2007 10:21

Carnet for Iran?
Who's been this way recently.... ????

Did you need a Carnet to get in - from Turkey?

How much did you pay for your Carnet?

Many thanks, Tony.

beddhist 5 Dec 2007 11:54

Yes, you normally need a carnet, although if you use the Search here you will find one or two people who went through without.

What I paid is irrelevant, as each Auto Club sets its own fees and deposit amounts. In my case I used the ADAC in Germany and I pay 150 Euro fees plus 3000 Euro refundable deposit.

sciii 13 Dec 2007 05:18

My friends were (with bikes) in the Azzer, and Gruzija, and they meet man from Australia who is pass throw Iran without carnet:thumbup1:!!! If you are lucky, you can do something:D!

pecha72 13 Dec 2007 08:19

Officially you do need carnet for Iran, I've also heard of people doing it without, but might involve much more paperwork, time and patience, and possibly money as well.

We went from Dogubayazit (Gurbulak) to Maku (Bazargan) and surely they asked for the carnet straight away, seemed to me its pretty much required, wouldnt like to be trying to get there without one. And if they'll make you pay a deposit at the border, do you have any guarantee you will ever get anything back? Much rather have such stuff sorted in my home country.

Especially if continuing to Pakistan and India, it will be essential. In Finland the carnet for our bike was about 250 euros for all issuing costs, and 5000 euros refundable deposit.

Besold_200D 15 Sep 2010 15:17

Hi! I'm in Iran right now for the second time. I never had a Carnet and always went through the procedure at the border. If you arrive at night, as we did, you may consider having to sleep at the border and do the paper work the next day. I recommend arriving at the border early in the morning.
We just met some other travellers who had a Carnet. We had to pay 200€ at the Border from Armenia (Megri). They entered from Turkey (Bazargan) and had to pay 290€ (some Diesel-Gobbledigook) even though they had a carnet.

beddhist 15 Sep 2010 21:13

That's very interesting. However, I have been through Iran 3 times and never paid a bean. At 150E for a carnet from the ADAC I have already saved 50E plus an unknown amount of hassle.

Did you get a fuel card for this fee, or did you buy that separately?

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