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Dingo 16 Jan 2007 15:41

Bike from Oman
Hello everybody,

I was wondering if anybody new anything about riding a bike purchased in Oman out of the Middle East?

I have bought a R1200GS here and would like to ride it down to Sth Africa. What I am looking for is if anyone has done this and if you require a carnet and where you would get one in Oman? I was thinking to ride through Yemen to Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya into Tanzania where I have work, then later down toward South Africa. I would like to do this in or around March '07 (after the MotoGP in Qatar)! Also what type of insurance would be required to take this to Sth Africa?

Any information on this would be very much appreciated as it is getting close and I have to find a way to get this thing out of here.


Chris of Motocross Africa 16 Jan 2007 18:49

I drove a car back from Oman about 4 years ago to the UK. I got a carnet sorted from the go-kart track out by Seeb airport (5/10 mins drive away). I think they were the only place to get it. I can't quite remember the official name of the place but if you don't know where I mean give me a shout. Was all fairly efficient as I remember, and you can get your International Driving Licence there as well for about 5 Rials.

...I think it is just off the 'new' road which runs parrallel to the motorway from Seeb roundabout if you know what I mean. NB what I used to call the new road will also be about 4 years old now. Does that help?

Chris of Motocross Africa 16 Jan 2007 18:51

Also if you do have to get a carnet we got one of the banks - OIB I think - to underwrite it. Can't remember the exact cost but it wasn't toooooo bad

Dingo 19 Jan 2007 07:27

Thanks for your info Chris. I live in Sohar and will be going down to Muscat this Sunday so will go out there and have a look. I didn't know they had a karting place here at all? There is still nothing much in Sohar although all this work is going on here. Still only the SB hotel or Al Wadi to have a drink.

Cheers Mate

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