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Sjakkelian 7 Jan 2008 13:48

Accommodation in Jeddah
We will be arriving in Jeddah at the end of jan 2008 and while we are waiting for our car to arrive by container we would like to stay somewhere.

Can anyone help us with names or links to (budget) hostels/hotels.
So far we can only find "upmarket" places and that is not our cup of tea (if possible)

Once our trusty car arrives we are ok.


heavens angel 7 Jan 2008 19:30


I've stayed at the youth hostel in Jeddah (known as the 'Bait Al shabab') several times. It is located next to one of the sports stadium, and there are some nice restaurants within a couple of Km along the high road.
Accommadation cost about 8SR (approx £1.30) per night. 2 beds to a dorm. Spotlessly clean. I think that it is government subsidised and under used. It had a small gymnasium and a large swimming pool. Also their breakfast was decent (scrambled eggs on pitta bread and a nice hot cuppa). You'll have to have a IYHA card to use their facilities, and always ask to speak to the manager, who is usually the only person who speaks English. They may demand a couple of copies of your passport. They have branches all over Saudi, all pretty much at the same rate. They are male only hostels. Further information can be found on the international IYHA website.

Hope this helps,

Sjakkelian 8 Jan 2008 05:55

Thanks for the tip,

If it's male only it won't be any good to us
We.. are husband and wife


Dessertstrom 8 Jan 2008 05:57

Hi Ian,
Last time I was in Jeddah I booked into the Move n Pick Hotel sr 150 ( about £20 ) per person per night inc meal. I parked my bike next to the main entrance and the doorman kept an eye on it. Good clean place, nice meals and used by westerners. The hotel runs a free bus to and from the airport and to and from the town shopping area.
Just out of interest. Don't you have a place to stay with your sponsor ?

Sjakkelian 8 Jan 2008 06:08

Thanks Ian
Sounds like the place we are looking for.

We are shipping our car from Dar to Jeddah within the next few days
We've waited 5 weeks for a sudan visa and still don't have it, Kenya is a bit of a mess so we popped into the Saudi Embassy to enquire about a visa..
We explained our situation and the Ambassador asked to see us.
We left our passports there yesterday when the ambassador asked us if we wanted the visa immediatley or the next morning..
We are going to collect the visas at 10:00 am local time
So far we are counting our blessings.
The stamp isn't in the pass yet but the clock is ticking

We don't have a sponsor in Saudi but do have connections with connections if needed.

Any more info on Move n Pick Hotel is Welcome


Dessertstrom 8 Jan 2008 07:14

I can't find the details on the web for the Move n Pick that I used, it was next to the Sherraton on the corniche.
I found this site HotelTravel.com The World's Leader in Discount Hotel Reservations - Guaranteed Lowest Rates with hotels up to 75% off -HotelTravel.com which lists the hotels in Jeddah showing up to 75% discount and has an agent button to click on.
Hope This helps.
Good Luck.

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