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adrian74 21 May 2012 23:40

UK and Ireland in 24 hours.
Evening all.
After recently reading a couple of motorcycle travel books centred around Africa and speaking to some people who have riden through there, I have noticed one common factor, and that is they all talk about the scourge of Malari in some African countrys.
I have looked in to a few charitys fighting Malaria in Africa and its obvious they have a massive battle ahead of them, they are doing well in helping prevent Malaria but as allways they are deperately short of funds.
So a friend and I have decided to help out as best we can by organising a sponsored motorcycle trip across Scotland ireland Wales and England in 24 hours.
We hope to do it on the 19th/20 August this year.
The trip will start in Edinburgh, ride across to Cairnryan, jump on the ferry to Belfast, then ride down through Dublin and on to Rosslare, and on to another ferry to take us to Pembroke, then onto Cardiff and finally finishing in London.
It should be just about possible to complete the trip within 24 hours but it will be close!
I will soon be contacting the ferry companys in the hope that they will sponsor us with reduced rate crossings etc.
We have just opened up our own donations page/blog so have a look when you get a chance and if you can make a donation that would be brilliant.
Equally important if you have any advise or suggestions to help us with the fundraising please let me know.
Heres the link to the donations page.

adrian74 26 May 2012 00:04

We have a new member on our team.
Its Mark Millar of BBC 1'S D.I.Y S.O.S.
Mark has been riding bikes for several years, and rides, amongst others a Triumph tiger 1050.
I had a quick chat with Mark today and he jumped at the chance to do this bike ride in aid of Malaria No More.
Lets hope the weather is as good in August as it is at the moment.
More updates soon.

adrian74 5 Aug 2012 15:58

Just 2 weeks to go.
Afternoon everyone.
Just 2 weeks to go until the charity bike ride and we have most of the preparations done, just need to service the bikes and print out some posters etc.
If anyone would like a poster to put up in their local pub/cafe/clubhouse, just send me your address and I will post one to you, the poster will have details of how to donate so the more of these we can send out around the U.K and Ireland the better.
Donations,both online and in person, including gift aid have reached the £250 mark so its a good start but still quite a way from our £800 target.
If anyone wishes to do so, you can donate to this very worthy cause by visiting our webpage at,
All donations go straight to the charity, we are paying the cost of the trip out of our own pockets.
We would like to thank Stenaline ferries for a generous discount on our ticket prices, it has really helped us out.
Thanks for reading this and dont forget to follow our progress at,

Austin 5 Aug 2012 19:05

I did this route in 2009 as part of the XRV.org.uk charity ride
TLD 2009 - 5 Captials

I did it in 23hrs 45mins and was one of only about 10-12 that came in under 24hours. We finished at the Ace cafe. I think if we finished much further East, like central London no one would have come in under 24 hours.

The route to Rosslare is all pretty easy and all the group easily made the late ferry to Fishguard. It was the last leg that was the challenge - tired, dark, long quiet sleep inducing motorways, at the very end into the sun, and against the clock so its tempting to overstretch yourself. A good number took the wise decision to have long rests and fill up on coffee, red bull and other stimulants. Be very very careful on this last leg. I finished the last 20miles with a punctured rear that I just rode with - poor decision really but I was lucky and had no disasters except and knackered tyre.

Good luck with the ride and let us know how you get on.

adrian74 7 Aug 2012 06:40

Thanks Austin.
Yeah it's that last leg I'm worried about, basically the whole length of the m4 In the middle of the night is going to be tough mentally after already crossing Scotland and Ireland.
I'm going to have a closer look at tld 2009 to see if I can pick up any tips.
Stenaline have given us a great deal on the ferry crossings, and we will try to get some sleep on the ferry aswell.
It's good to hear from someone who has already done this trip.

adrian74 9 Aug 2012 23:18

Facebook page
Hi all.
I have got a facebook page up and running for the charity ride, I hope to update it regularly on the day of the ride with pics from the trip etc.
Also, I am almost halway to achieving my sponsorship target of £800, so a massive thank you to all those who have donated, just another £400 to go.
If anyone has any advice for me on the ride or the facebook page just let me know, this is all new to me and any feedback would be much appreciated.


adrian74 17 Aug 2012 23:38

Here we go!
Well, we are all set to head for Glasgow tomorrow morning.
The weather looks like it may just hold out for us.
Keep an eye out for us on the road, we'll be on 2 fj1200's, we will be wearing high viz vests with ride against malaria printed on the front and rear.
You can follow our progress on
Ride against Malaria www.justgiving.com/motorcycle-trip | Facebook

And don't forget you can sponsor us at
adrian clancy is fundraising for MALARIA NO MORE UK


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