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daddymakk 9 Oct 2009 00:01

The Planet Tour- biker for charity
for the past 2 years I have been setting up my contacts as well as testing myself on the viability of this project by touring to my gigs by bike. I have logged almost 40,000km so far which is not bad for living in a country that has winter for half a year!
The Planet Tour (anyone can do a world tour :rolleyes:
I am out to tickle the funny bone of the planet.
I have been using my stand-up comedy to produce shows at motorcycle events as well as events for the non-riding public.
2010 is the big launch as I tackle a cross Canada tour including heading north into the territories. We will be video taping as much of it as we can and are producing a TV and web show based on the travels and shows.
If you have a biker event, a charity or non-profit group that would be in need of a fund raising event please contact me thru the website.
Here is a bit of biker humor (warning, some language may offend, content warning)
Bikers and Harleys
YouTube - Bikers and Harleys
Explaining 'cougars'
YouTube - DarylMakk's Channel

I hope to meet some of you on the road.

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