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Alison Lowndes 9 Nov 2008 15:31

KO2 .. Biking with a "kick"
I run AVIF, an innovative online charity, assisting with sustainable development via online & onsite volunteering in rural Kenya, East Africa. Being virtual means negligible administration costs for worldwide impact. We've been active since early 2006 and its time to start sustaining our work as opposed to asking for donations all the time. Please visit the website AVIF Volunteers in Kenya and Blog for full details of our sustainable development work in Kenya.


Inspired and advised by some of those involved in the travels of Ewan & Charley, KO2 was born out of a love of motorbikes and a desire to sustain our development work in Kenya. We combine passion & knowledge of Kenya's terrain, dangers, beauty & cultures. We offer over 20 years of experience in luxurious, bespoke safari, group travel and development programmes.

KO2 Adventures is a Social Enterprise, a Community Interest Company (cic, pronounced "kick"), promoting awareness and providing a great experience to our participants from around the globe, who are ultimately assisting our Kenyan beneficiaries.
Our online infrastructure removes any geographical barrier to involvement.

Should you be able to ride with us, please get in touch.

Asante & salamu !
Alison Lowndes

KO2 Adventures cic. is a UK registered company no. 6566021
AVIF is a UK excepted charity able to claim GiftAid HMRC ref. XR99385

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