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jcravens 11 Nov 2011 20:53

Global Giving Field visitor as you travel
I'm always on the lookout for ways people can volunteer as they travel in a developing country - since I fancy myself a volunteer management expert, and love to travel by motorcycle, it seems like a good match. I just updated my page with new information - specifically, regarding the nonprofit organization The GlobalGiving Foundation (I have no affiliation with such).

The Foundation has a Field Visitor Internship that can be combined with your already-planned (or in-planning), self-funded motorcycle travel. GlobalGiving connects organizations from all over the world with donors who can support their work. They are often looking for self-funded travelers who will be in a region for several months to act as representatives of the organization, conduct site visits of partner organizations and identifying organizations that would be a good match for the Global Giving fundraising site (as I post this, there's an upcoming deadline, in December, for Southern Africa travelers next year). Volunteers also organize informational workshops during these travels. Volunteers can weave these responsibilities into their tourism of a region. "You will work closely with GlobalGiving's DC staff in preparation for your trip, planning site visits, workshops, travel, and accommodations, while gaining skills in organization and cross-cultural understanding. Upon returning to the U.S., you will present your findings and experience to the GlobalGiving staff." GlobalGiving provides training, office support, travel medical insurance, a minimal stipend for communications costs and workshop funding.

If any of you end up doing this, could you let me know?

I've also added info to the page about two computer-focused nonprofits, one in the USA and one in England, that are open to travelers visiting sites where they have donated computers, to see how things are going and to report back on what's happening. See the page transire benefaciendo ("to travel along while doing good") for more info. Again, if you end up volunteering on behalf of either org while traveling, could you let me know?

Hope that's helpful.

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