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Charlotte Goose 11 Nov 2009 01:05

Give me a project for every country
I wonder if you could all help me a little bit. I have started my RTW trip and I want volunteering to become a very important part of the trip. I feel very strongly about being able to give some of my free time to people who can better benefit from it.

But where to start? There are so many organisations and charities it is impossible to decide, so this is where I need your help.

Some of you must have a project, charity or organisation you feel strongly about. And perhaps, the smaller the better - the little community based projects that you have passed on the road, or know people are involved with. Please write them here so we can maybe start compiling some sort of directory.

Personally, I am in Canada and heading south to Argentina, slowly. I would love the opportunity to volunteer in every country on the way down. I need to know about the projects to visit.

To start things off: The organisation I feel strongly about:

LHA Charitable Society, McLeod Ganj, India: Teaching English to Tibetan refugees.

Jaydub 17 Nov 2009 17:48

Hi Charlotte
You may be interested in Annettes Web site and Charity she has helped on her journey. Alaska to Argentina - Annette's Adventure

Caminando 17 Nov 2009 21:33

Here's one option... though it depends on what is most important to you - the grind of serious volunteer work or the fun of the RTW trip. Have you considered abandoning the trip and using the considerable money saved to volunteer in your favourite charity - teaching English in MacLeod Ganj, for as long as the money lasts? I assume you're serious and already have a TEFL/TESOL qualification. Being a native speaker is not enough to give the recipients sound teaching, and can be a disservice to them; I'm sure you're aware of this.

This would perhaps satisfy your wish to travel and yet volunteer at the same time, especially as the volunteering seems to be very important to you. At the moment you can find (for example) a return flight from London - Delhi for about £400ish. A 6 month visa for India is around £30, if you apply in the UK. You can extend that by going to, say, Nepal and re-entering India for another 6 months volunteering. The train from Delhi to Amritsar and the bus to Daramsala are not at all expensive. Less than £10 all in, I think. Much less if you travel 3rd class. This will place you in the charity you "feel strongly about".

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