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Hindu1936 6 Jan 2007 01:23

Clothes for Orphans
While this does not involve doing good while traveling, I would like to mention a few places that we can all help. The "Children of the Rising Sun" orphanage in Kenya can use any help. If you are traveling through or near Watamu, Kenya, stop off and lend a hand. Don't send clothes unless you first send a few bucks to cover the import tax. The mailing address is:
Melinda Rees
PO Box 120
East Africa

We just kicked out one big box to them.

also The children in several places in Georgia can use any clothing. Don't send money. If you are interested, PM me and I will send the address of the place that needs it the most at that time. We collect boxes of clothes and send the regularly, so the Georgia needs change from place to place, depending on where we sent the last box. Again, don't send money to Georgia because it raises jealousy issues.



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