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joachimvonloeben 7 Feb 2008 08:52

Charity Tour "Around the world"

we are two motorbikers from Germany who are traveling around the world. In the last 9 months we did 9 different projects in several countries in Asia. Pls check out our homepage:

Motorrad Weltreise - Joachim von Loeben - Theo Schlaghecken - www.triparoundtheworld.de

We are selling our driven kilometers to raise money for the projects. Anybody intererested in donating- pls feel free. The kids and we appreciate.

Anybody needs some help to do a similar things- we are welcome to help:


Have a look

Theo and Joe

bike4europe 11 Feb 2008 23:57

I am very inspired by you adventures!
I have sent you an email!

Anna Wells

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