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alfred 31 Mar 2008 03:17

Aulia Ride-Out
Hi, my name is Alfred Wittelings.
I will be leaving the 31'of August 2008 for a Overland trip from Holland to Australia.
I am busy with a fundraising for a children's home at Java, Indonesia.
The 'Kinderen van Aulia ', is a children's home in need for finance to give the 70 children living there a safe house and an oppurtunity to go to school.
Please check my Site Ride-Out to learn more about me and my project.
The authenticity of this children's home has been investigated and approved by the official Dutch fundraising organisation 'Wilde Ganzen '.
If you have any questions or remarks don't hesitate and contact me on my 'ride-out' site.
Help me to make a difference, best regards, Alfred.

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