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To Hel And Back 14 Aug 2009 00:41

Africa Circumnavigation for Alzheimer's Research and Link Ethiopia
Myself and a friend are to attempt a circumnavigation of the African continent. In 7weeks time we shall leave London ultimately heading for 'Die Hel', in Death Valley near Cape Town. We shall travel there via the east coast ebfore returning up the West coast. Whilst in Ethiopia we will use our education, enthusiasm and experience to help setup a project which should drastically improve sporting opportunities to children in Gondar, the largest city in the north of the country.
This is a suitably challenging trip of epic proportions, driving over 30, 000 miles through nearly 40 countries, crossing the Sahara twice, all in order to raise money for two amazing charities; Alzheimer’s Research UK and Link Ethiopia.
Please take some time to look at our website ToHelAndBack - Home and donate if you like what we are doing - these truly are two amazing charities and we are really going outside of our comfort zones to raise money for them. And as if that wasn't enough we have just added climbing Kilamanjaro itinery so it just got a bit harder!
Thanks and best wishes.

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