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Stantheman51 16 Jul 2012 13:05

Puma airconditioner problem
We are currently in the wilds of Ethiopia and heading to hot Sudan in our Puma Defender so it would be good that our aircon which hasn't worked since Nairobi functioned again. It is an electrical fault- the thing blows a fuse a few seconds after turning on.We had guys look at it in Nairobi and they worked a day and replaced a "temperature sensor switch" at a cost of $130 and it seemed to work for just long enough for us to leave Nairobi, now blows fuses again. Obvious faults like loose/rubbing wires have been looked for? Any ideas what to look at next would be appreciated.
Stan Tincaninafrica | Overland-Cape Town to Cairo & then?

gren_t 16 Jul 2012 14:50

I'm not familiar with the puma engine but here goes.
what fuse does it blow? is it the fuse for the aircon pump clutch or a random fuse.

with the engine stopped..! can you remove the drive belt for the aircon(my 300 has a separate belt for the aircon)
then start engine and switch on the aircon, if the fuse blows you know its a wiring short, if the fuse does not blow you know the aircon pump or clutch is the problem.

I have seen the pump clutches size through mud ingress, with the belt off, IGN on, & engine not running you should hear the clutch click(LR - clunk:innocent:) when the aircon is switched on, the aircon pulley should "freewheel" easily until the aircon clutch pulls in, then the pully should turn easily but you should feel the drag of the fluid.

hope this helps


Stantheman51 19 Jul 2012 20:48

Aircon issues
Thanks Gren

Its just the fuse in the main fusebox that blows. I'm not sure if it it is for the aircon clutch or random?
The Puma just has a single belt that drives the water pump, vacuum pump,aircon and everything. But I will take it off and see if I have any success with figuring out whether it is the aircon pump or just an electrical short.
Thanks again

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