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Huskynose 24 Jan 2011 12:26

Disco rear door cooking tray/cabinet

leaving for Morocco again in about 3 months.
Trying to improve the Discovery, this time with a rear door mounted kitchen tray.
Does anyone have pics of one of these handy constructions?
In view of cashflow and such, I plan to make one myself.

Thanks for posting,


gren_t 25 Jan 2011 14:51

disco table
Hi Joey
In work at mo and dont have pics of mine to hand
anyhow check the thread here : Fold down table for rear door? - Page 3 - Expedition Portal Forum
you should be able to see the photos without being logged in



Maximus 26 Jan 2011 08:32

You could always cook out of the back of your disco (less wind). The disco already has a table (back bumper ;-)

gren_t 26 Jan 2011 16:10

I dont like the idea of cooking inside a vehicle since i watched a mate kick over a coleman sportster stove while he was sitting between it and the door.. Oh how i laughed:innocent:

if that was my disco, knowing my luck the stove would flare and set fire to the stuff in the net above or the rising heat would melt my favorite fleece or other combustable stored there.

not having a go .. just have experience(nice soft skin on my cheeks & no need to shave for 5 months) of the after effects of a brain fart when gas welding.

regards all

Huskynose 7 Nov 2011 09:37

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The result of some afternoon bodging with leftovers ....

Huskynose 7 Nov 2011 09:38

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Also added an LED lightstrip to the backdoor, works a treat !

CanAmSteve 7 Jan 2012 08:26

No pix with me at the moment, but I'll see what I can find. I added two fold-down tables to the back of my D2 (same door as D1). One is higher on the left and the other lower on the right side. I have a storage box on the very bottom left.

The setup works fine for me. The sightly larger right side shelf holds the gas stove and pots can sit on the left. I made a small awning to go over the open area behind when the door is open. If I am camping my RT tent opens over the back. I arranged so the stove is actually fastened to the shelf in use, so chances of it falling off are slim.

My entire rear panel is chequerplated with the table folding up against. Works fine, looks fine.

Check out Landiebox for some ideas. My first shelf is from Mobile Storage Systems but they are a bit difficult to deal with remotely. Probably best to chat to them at a show. The second shelf I had Landiebox make to my specs. Works a treat.

CanAmSteve 7 Jan 2012 12:23

Found a pic
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Left shelf MSS, right shelf Landiebox

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