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Vleis 25 Jan 2012 13:42

Defender personal safe vs hiding places?
I have been unable to product/vendor to buy a safe for a Defender to store personal belongings and cash. Don’t know if my searching skills have met its match or what I am missing, but nothing coming up on Google or in HUBB threads. I would have thought these types of products are readily available?

On the other hand, should I just be better at hiding cash in hard to reach places - Any tips with regards to this?

As always thanks in advance for the help ;)


tacr2man 25 Jan 2012 17:19

This is the sort of thing you need , steer clear of digital (electroic locks)

You then need to locate in suitable place , not immedaitely visible. Make sure that you use waterproof container eg tupperware for items ,esp if wading .



Honybadger 25 Jan 2012 19:21

I've prevoiusly bolted a simple cash box inside a cupboard where it was only possible to get the key in and unlock it by feel as it was under parts of the cupboard and not visible.
Didn't help when the whole landcruiser was taken while we slept at a backpackers. Passports etc all gonedoh

danward79 26 Jan 2012 08:47

Mobile storage solutions sell them in the uk
Front runner also sell them I think internationally.

Griffdowg 26 Jan 2012 18:08

In plastic wallets under the headlining, in a locked cubby box, in one of these: HEINZ BAKED BEANS STASH CAN / TIN SAFE / HIDE VALUABLES , MONEY ETC | eBay

or bolt a safe to the bulkhead behind the seats.


Vleis 26 Jan 2012 21:18

lol, like the Heinz option. Center console will be used for some safe storage, but starting to think it is probably not such a good idea to have all valuable locked in one place. I think the money bag on headlining and a couple other innovative hiding places is probably the way to go.


gren_t 27 Jan 2012 12:09

there are a number of places doing vehicle safes, you could even get on made from a metal fabricators.

what i have done in the past is to have one easily found obvious safe with a small amount of money in it, say $30 in US one dollar bills and use it for the "day to day stuff" also some out of date credit/debit cards or preferably the sample credit cards that have the name of A.N Other. and copies of your documents in it.

Then hide the genuine safe with money and documents, and also a seperate hidy hole with some spare cash in it.

if someone does break into the truck or worse if they force you to show them the safe you can lead them to the working day to day safe.

regards & safe travels

tacr2man 27 Jan 2012 13:20

The distraction option is a good one , as they are often in a rush , so a sacrficial stash is a good one , even if its just a money belt etc in a fairly easily found hidy hole :thumbup1:

Griffdowg 27 Jan 2012 13:35


Originally Posted by tacr2man (Post 364820)
The distraction option is a good one , as they are often in a rush , so a sacrficial stash is a good one , even if its just a money belt etc in a fairly easily found hidy hole :thumbup1:

Me and the girlfriend both carry decoy wallets with old cards in and a few bits of local currency. I would keep the big stuff well hidden under the headlining in various loctions and nowhere obvious. 2 safes and just spread it around :thumbup1:

On our recent trip to Africa for MAPA we initially had $6000 US hidden around the land cruiser. We didn't even know where $2500 of it was as the previous volunteers had hidden it so well!


letsdo1 15 Feb 2012 11:30

A little cash box bolted to the bulkhead begind a seat is a good idea. 20+ border crossings and searches and not once has it even been seen.

If you take the vents off on the dashboard you can fit money behind there too.

danward79 15 Feb 2012 17:55

Underneath the defender ashtray is good.

Griffdowg 16 Feb 2012 15:25


Originally Posted by letsdo1 (Post 367462)
If you take the vents off on the dashboard you can fit money behind there too.


Originally Posted by danward79 (Post 367519)
Underneath the defender ashtray is good.

I like these :thumbup1:

good for longer term storage of $$$


eightpot 8 Mar 2012 14:10

B&Q have a great range of small safes - think they may be rebranded Yale safes and very good value for money. Heavy gauge solid steel, quite heavy with a substantial lock/skeleton key.
I bolted one of these down to the floor behind the seats and used it to keep cash/passports/cameras etc. Short of using a gas axe, a casual thief isn't going to get in it.

This floor mounted one looks useful:
B&Q Key Locking Floor Safe Anthracite, 1140PEFGD / SFT-21F

I used one of the square box ones, which for 25 quid was great and being a bit bigger meant I could keep GPS/camera in it too.

bnicho 9 Mar 2012 03:34

Slightly off-topic.

How often do the border guards demand to look in car safes?

In theory you could be carrying narcotics in there, so I would assume it's fairly common?


wearthefoxhat 16 Apr 2012 18:55

We had Nene Overland fit one into the vehicle body so that the carpet could just be pulled back over it. Works a treat. However, definately like the sound of the 'Distraction' plan!

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