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Kipp 3 Dec 2008 22:07

What goes here?!
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Riding along, heard a faint rattle from the back left of the bike when coasting over rocks on the trail. Forgot about it until now when I was cleaning the bike prior to the oil change...

There is definitely something missing here - I've heard of floating calipers, but this...:eek3:

There is quite a good picture of it in the owners manual in the 'removing the rear wheel' section - but I'm not sure which part to order without a proper parts diagram! :confused1:
Anyone got any ideas?! (Or suggestions on what it does so I can bodge/turn one off on a lathe?)
I guess it attaches to the caliper then slides on the spigot thing sticking out of the swingarm?

cheers people!

Brian E 3 Dec 2008 22:27

There should be a rubber insert which goes inside the caliper and over the sliding pin but looking at the Caliper you might need to look at replacing the whole lot.

Kipp 3 Dec 2008 22:46

Ah, balls. I was hoping that wasn't the case!

The caliper doesn't look too badly damaged in real life - the photo tends to pick up its worst side. (or is that wishful thinking!)

So its merely a hard rubber tube that the caliper slides over? Do you think a piece of turned nylon or polycarbonate might do the same job?! (I'm thinking cost savings here as its christmas and all)

PocketHead 3 Dec 2008 23:15

yeah a piece of rubber, it could be semi-universal though? go to any bike shop, they'd fix it for 5 bucks.

Brian E 4 Dec 2008 07:10

yes nylon or poly might do the job well i hope it does because if it fails the worst that can happen is only brake failure!!

if it was me i'd look on ebay for a new caliper.

Kipp 4 Dec 2008 08:13

yeah, take your point, but the caliper is still held on with the front bolt, by the looks of it, all this does is stop it rattling around too much, hence why they use a piece of rubber in the first place i guess.
Going to try to get the real part today, if no luck then its into the workshop for some bodging...:thumbup1:
cheers folks!

JonStobbs 4 Dec 2008 13:31

From memory i think the rubber insert you're needing does actually come in the proper Brembo caliper repair kit,along with the pad retaining pin and that little R-pin that always gets lost...

BOB UK 5 Dec 2008 10:43

I don't know what part of the southwest you are in but if you are any where near Torpoint give Swampy a call at Marsh Performance on 07855464922 the man is a KTM god and will know all about it and mibht have the bits to fix it

Kipp 5 Dec 2008 11:21

Thanks for the advice folks,
I've got my local bike dealers on the case and they reckon they can get one pretty quick.
My turned widget works but is kinda loose, so I thought rather than having to re-engineer the whole sheboodle, I'd actually go out and buy the correct part (for once). At least I can still ride the thing to work like it is now...:thumbup1:

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