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black elk 20 Jan 2003 17:50

side fuel tanks for adventures with panniers
i have heard that you can fit a spare tank on the back of the adventures like on the rally 660 but only on 1 side i would think its the right side as it has more room without the exaust does anyone no of this thanks

Kudi 20 Jan 2003 23:43

Hi black elk

It depends on which Adv you're riding. There are back tanks available for the 97 Rally version (2 tanks, 9l and 7l = 15l total additional fuel) which can be easyly mounted to the Adv up to the 2000 version. On any newer version you will have to exchage the whole back or do a lot of tinkering (but it's still possible, I've seen pictures of it). But IMHO the original exhaust pipe isn't compatible so you have to exchange that as well.

The problem is to get the parts, they're not produced anymore and you have to find someone who wants to ged rid of them... even a problem here in CH, only a few km away from the KTM factory :-( I have the same problem right now, preparing my Adv for a Oz trip end of the year.

Pictures of them and how to do it (Sorry, it's German):

You can download a parts list here (Again German):

Cheers, Kudi

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