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Matt Roach 12 Jan 2006 21:34

London KTM workshops

I have just arrived in London after the end of a long trip and want somewhere to do some work on my 640 Adv. in central London.

I have heard conflicting reports about the quality of Brackens. Does anyone have any views or advise me of the best KTM workshop in London?

Otherwise does anyone know of any workshops where I can do my own servicing and pay a small amount to use tools?


Giles4060 16 Jan 2006 00:53

Hi Matt, have sent you a mail.

gibbo 16 Jan 2006 12:19

Try Colin Colins in Harrow. Sorry, cant remember their contact details.

Or, if you can travel a bit further, Jim Aim in Essex

mcdarbyfeast 17 Jan 2006 02:24

I bought my KTM from Brackens in South London. They seemed pretty good for servicing and at that time were the UK agents for Touratech. www.bracken.co.uk

JNTaylor 4 Feb 2006 03:35

I don't think you can doubt the quality of Bracken, but some have the customer service. They are busy and are often booked up, and also overworked.

Jon the owner is a nice guy, but when you are dealing with the rest of the people, so many people (Laaandaaanars) come through their doors, you need to spend some time to get to know them first - then you will find a more personal service....

Willis 5 May 2006 20:47

I am also in London and need assistance with a good workshop
I called braken and thier price is way to high (£300) to replace the valve cover gasket and water pump seals. I have water getting into my oil. Do you know of a reasonable shop near London. I might just fix it myself.

Jerome 6 May 2006 19:41


Call Liz or Brian at Moto just of the A3 near Surbiton, surrey - easy to find.



They have been ktm dealers since 1979.

I buy my ktms from them and they are very friendly

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