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XT GIRL 5 Jun 2008 22:03

KTM Duke II service manual.. or ANYTHING.
I am procrastinating the service on my Duke, because its going to cost in the region of £280 I was told - without parts.

Since that is EXACTLY how much a reallllyyy TASTY exhaust cost...(not to mention a crate full of lovely bits for my XT) I really want to cry.

Inbetween the tears, however, I need to do at least basic stuff, in order for the Duke not to dump me somewhere...

I had a look around it today.

And I'm scared.

It doesn't look anything like the XT. There's weird stuff, and pipes that go everywhere, and I can't even find the sparkplugs.

I can't find ANY MANUALS on it... (obviously, some SECRET NAME exists out there, for the DUKE)... is it the same as an LC4??

If you know of any resource ANYTHING.. would be a start.



henryuk 6 Jun 2008 11:37

Do you know what the 'service' was going to entail? A routine service should all be do-able without a manual (is there really no 'book of lies' for the KTM?). If you can't find the plugs can you find the HT leads? They are normally on the end of these.

I am guessing that a routine service would mean oil, filters, plugs and maybe brake fluid/pads and a general bolt check, should weigh in at around 50 quid

Again, I should be in the London area in a few weeks if you can wait that long. My non-driving hourly rate is one pint cider or real ale, my driving rate is 3 cups of tea/hr. Also do you know anyone in London that might want a Ducati Monster 600, my sis is getting rid of hers....

XT GIRL 12 Jun 2008 07:26

Found a Duke II manual...
Just in case anyone else ever was looking - the Duke II manual - is the same as the LC4 manual - there's supplemental pages covering any specific Duke things.

Why couldn't they just say so!

Anyway - so I am now happily in possession of all the book I need. Thanks!

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