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Billy Bunter 8 Nov 2002 22:39

KTM Adventure running on leaded fuel
Hiya all

I crossed over from Turkey to Iran a few days ago, heading for Pakistan, India etc, and found that there is only one kind of fuel in Iran, high octane leaded fuel.

I have a standard 2002 Adventure and to be honest it seems to be running ok on it, maybe a little down on power but nothing massive.

My questions, will it do the engine any harm, is there anything i should do to help it out and is there unleaded further down the line!!??

If anyone has any specific knowledge of this i would appreciate there advice.


Noise Data 9 Nov 2002 05:42

I asked the official dealer here in Slovenia the same question...

They said that it's A-OK if it is leaded, because KTM's have temperature katalyzator, that is why the exhausts are so hot...

So - it's no problem! Enjoy your trip...

Freek 9 Nov 2002 22:37


I think your Katie is happy with the leaded fuel. Only the environment isn't


Billy Bunter 10 Nov 2002 23:32

Thanx guys

It all seems ok then, which is just as well cos its not as if i have a choice anyway! As regards the environment, its so good in the city centres of Iran you can actually see and taste it!!


Freek 11 Nov 2002 00:25

with leaded fuel, your needle and needlejet last 4 times longer then with unleaded.

Freek @venture'01

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