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spooky 28 Feb 2008 14:58

KTM Adv-28Lt tank + Mikuni vaccum pump convertion ?
Have a fuel tank conversions job to do...... some fitting questions...

Getting ready and prepare for my next journey in Mai...............
I'm riding a 2002 KTM LC4 640 Enduro with a 18Lt tank so far, got hold on to a cheap, 2nd hand blue KTM Adventure 28Lt rally fuel tank with it's matching seat from a 1998 KTM LC4 Adventure, repainting the tank and trimming the seat is easy done... but...... and hear are starting my questions....

For my last few trips to Scotland and Sweden my 18Lt tank was just on the limit to cover the target distance of 370Km but I had to be on a watch out for
fuel stations all the time, the 28Lt tank will give me this 200Km more at least and a bit more of Peace in mind for remote travelling or at odd hours..... with out rush.

Well to fit the 28lt tank and the seat, as well as ordering the Mikuni pump and it's bracket is not a problem, but my question now is about fitting the Mikuni vacuum fuel pump and layout of the fuel pipes. I'm searching the web for pics over the last few days now, but can only find a image of the older pre-2002 fitted pumps in front of the clutch cover. I know that the later Adv-2003 have a different upgraded Mikuni pump and the images I can find for this models are not showing the pump
near the clutch cover, which let me belief that KTM refitted the unit may for better protection some where more secure...... some where else.

Any way I would appreciate if some one would tell or send me a image or a description where the Mikuni vacuum pump for LC4 ADV-2003 and newer is
fitted to the bike, and may a layout of the fuel pipes, so I can do my conversion please.

mail for images: (ix260 at yahoo dot co dot uk)
thanks, may see you on the road some time....

Gregorius 28 Feb 2008 22:05

I have the same problem but have chosen to use an electric pump (from a Kawsasaki 600..) as the last time my Adv ran out of gas I nearly flattened the battery trying to pump fuel into the carb... With the electric pump it runs all the time (although mine's wired in to the low fuel light switch) so the carb is always primed...

If you want to do this then the pump to use is a Facet 1.5 - 3.0 psi.. the Africa Twin mob swear by them as a replacement for the short lived OE pump Honda chose to fit..


spooky 29 Feb 2008 00:18

well your tip using a Faset pump is worth while for consideration and sounds interesting.... hmmm, may even a cheaper option than the Mikuni one which trades for £60 quit (90-Euro) as new.
see I converted to the 2003/Enduro dash and lamp mask fitted with a simple small neat rally look alike digi DET-100 Cockpit with shift light, replacing the old pre-2003 analogue clock of my bike, even a 2nd hand KTM digi-speedo is still expensive, so I have to wire in a external single light in to the dash plate for the reserve low fuel switch any way if I gone to make that thing useful..... some how.
So that means, if I understand it right, what you are saying is that the Faset pump only starts running if the fuel level sinks down so that the tank switch indicates the fuel warning dash light to lit up, and at the same time prevent the carb from starving if low on fuel in the tank and levelling up the two sides of the tank, is that right ?
If so.... well sounds good to me..... wonder why KTM didn't came up with this ?
I was reading that the Mikuni vacuum pump would be a pig if run dry to start up the bike.
now what place around the engine or carb did you found to bolt the pump on your bike than ?
some thing else crossing my mind... its the fork spring... well the rear spring is
upgraded from 66/260 to 70/260 already, but what about the fork springs, my 2002 Enduro still has the 43mm forks and std settings, dose it makes a big differents for the springs having the 28Lt tank instead the 18Lt one ?

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